Why Is My Tongue Swollen And Sore On The Sides

If you are looking for why is my tongue swollen and sore on the sides, then read this full article to know more about what does your tongue says about your health.

What Does Your Tongue Says About Your Health 

Many parts of the body predict illness differently in our body. With the help of the tongue, we can taste different foods and speak. Moreover, it also helps us to know our health condition. We should know it and take precautions otherwise we will have to face many health problems in the future. White tongue is one of those predictions. 

Normally our tongue is pink. But when our tongue turns white, we need to take precautionary measures. This is a symptom. This causes bad breath. It is not even attractive to look at. This can cause us to feel embarrassed to open our mouths and laugh and speak in front of others.

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1. White tongue:

A white tongue indicates a low immune system. It is associated with bacteria and fungi naturally present in our skin, mucous membranes, and throughout the body. Normally, these bacteria and fungi live in harmony in our bodies. If our immunity is low, the balance between them can be disturbed, which gives us a prognosis by causing a white color on our tongue. The main cause of white tongue in most people is a weakened immune system. If you are facing this problem first try to boost your immunity. 

2. Purple Tongue:

 A purple tongue is very rare. It can usually be caused by vitamin B12 deficiency or lack of oxygen. Sometimes it can turn purple before turning blue. So, this color cannot be ignored. Because some diseases can also be predicted by a purple tongue.

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3. Yellow Tongue:

Like the purple tongue, the yellow tongue is also rare. The nozzle may turn yellow before turning black. It can also indicate jaundice. So don’t forget to check the tongue first while brushing daily.

4. Pink tongue:

A healthy tongue is pink in color with small nodules. So if your tongue is pink in color it means you are living a healthy and daily life. It means that you are taking good care of your oral cavity. A pink tongue can be maintained by cleaning the tongue with regular brushing twice a day.

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5. Black Color Tongue: 

Often due to smoking and drinking, the color of the tongue may change. Due to this, there is a possibility that diabetes, cancer, and yeast infections will already develop in the human body. Moreover, oral health can also deteriorate without cleanliness.

6. Red Tongue:

The tongue may turn red if there is a hormonal imbalance in your body. Also, your tongue may turn red even if you are deficient in various essential vitamins.

Why is my Tongue Swollen and Sore on the Sides

There are several reasons for a swollen tongue. They may include allergies, infections, trauma, drug reactions, autoimmune diseases, or rare disorders. Besides, tongue cancer can also be a major cause of tongue swelling.

1. Allergic reactions:

Some allergic reactions lead to sinusitis. If you are allergic to the toothpaste, or mouthwash you use, it can cause inflammation of the tongue. Allergic reactions to certain medications can also cause tongue inflammation.

2. Mouth Ulcer:

A mouth ulcer is the main cause of tongue eating. This problem can occur due to maintaining poor oral hygiene.

3. Taking stimulants:

Consumption of certain stimulants such as alcohol, spicy foods, or tobacco can irritate the mouth and cause inflammation of the tongue, and smoking cigarettes can also cause it.

4. Vitamin Imbalance:

If your body lacks the right nutrients, swelling of the tongue may appear. Deficiencies in vitamin B complex, vitamin C, and folate can lead to a swollen tongue.

5. Sjogren’s syndrome:

Sjogren’s syndrome destroys the salivary glands. A dry mouth occurs when our salivary glands are destroyed. This dry mouth can lead to inflammation of the tongue.

6. Oral cancer:

Many people are facing problems like oral cancer. This causes inflammation of the tongue. Apart from this, lack of oral hygiene, dry mouth, dehydration, and alcohol and tobacco also contribute to it.

In addition, injuries around the mouth, trauma, certain skin conditions, and yeast infections can cause tongue inflammation.

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I hope you have got info about why is my tongue swollen and sore on the sides. You can eat or drink something cool. Practicing good brushing and flossing means following good oral hygiene. You can use salt water to wash your mouth. Clean your tongue from the tongue scraper or backside of your brush. 



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