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Why Do I Lose Hair So Much? | Excessive Hair Loss

Why Do I Lose Hair So Much? | Excessive Hair Loss

Excessive Hair Loss

If you are looking for Why do I lose hair so much? and about excessive hair loss then check out this article, on how to overcome excessive hair loss problems naturally. 

Hey there! Frustrating about excessive hair loss these days? If yes then you have to stay with my article about your hair loss problem. Don’t worry I am here to help you to give some tips to reduce hair loss naturally. When we hear the word hair loss we feel fear right? Of course, we will. Nothing wrong with it. As a human, beauty-conscious everyone should take about our lovely hair. 

 No need to spend any money on your hair treatment. I mean you can follow simple steps here to overcome your hair problem. Doing some simple changes in your diet, hair care routine, and lifestyle choices will prevent hair loss and help your hair grow back. You and we all know that haircare is not an easy task.

You might have seen your grandmother’s hair growing up to her knees with long and thick hair. Who has the longest hair in today’s time? It’s very difficult to find. Am I right? Because of the busy schedule, polluted environment, stress, etc., we are facing a lot of problems like skin-related problems, hair loss, problems, health problems. 

Hey, now it’s time to move towards some tips to prevent excessive hair loss naturally. 

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1. Rosemary oil:

Rosemary oil has anti-inflammatory properties. It aids in improving blood circulation in our scalp. So we can say that it is the best and most natural way to treat hair loss. Pour little rosemary oil on your palm and gently rub them in your bald spot every night. If you do so gradually your hair loss stops and hair grows well.

2. Coconut oil:

Coconut oil is one of the best and most traditional oil that can easily balance hair growth. Directly you can use this oil on your scalp and hair. Or else you can use another few drops of any good essential oils in it or mix onion juice in it. These mixtures with coconut oil will help us beauty strands grow back. 

3. Aloe Vera:

I have grown aloe vera plants in my garden. Very easily you can grow this plant. This is a common plant in every skincare and hair care matter. . The proteolytic enzyme content in the aloe vera aids in smoothening your hair. If you are facing dandruff and any other scalp problems then I recommend you to use this natural herb. You can add this juice with your favourite oil and use it to get good results. 

4. Onion Juice:

Onion Juice! Surprised? I am not going to cook anything here. In fact, if you use a few drops of onion juice on your hair you will get a bundle of benefits. One of my friends lost her hair near her forehead. At that time she started to use this onion juice in her hair care. Within a few months, she got a bunch of baby hairs in her bald area. Take one tablespoon of fresh raw onion juice. Spread it on your scalp with the help of your fingertips and massage it. Keep it for a while and then rinse it off with warm water and shampoo.

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5. Egg Yolk:

You may feel differently as to what she is using onion, egg, etc. Egg yolk is a super-duper ingredient for our hair. It does a miracle on our hair. If you want to grow your hair well, use an egg yolk once and see the magic. Beat one egg and apply to your scalp and wait for 20 minutes to rinse with water. It smells very bad so shampoo your hair. 

Some Other Tips:

I would like to share some tips about Hair growth and preventing hair loss. We don’t get any benefit from applying oil, hair packs, shampoos, etc.  Do not use any chemical-based products on your hair. I mean hair spas, shampoo, soaps, gels, etc. Electrical items also affect our hair bad intensely. Many people use hair dryers to dry their wet hair. Actually, this is not good. Let it dry naturally in the air instead of using hair dyers. 

To get healthy hair stressless life is also important. Whenever we are under stress you may observe that we face hair loss problems. Meditate when you feel stressed. The food we consume in our daily diet depends a lot. So consume those foods which help hair grow very fast. 

What Foods Are Good For Hair Growth?

To promote hair growth we have to consume some essential food that is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Iron, zinc, and Protein. If we add these vitamins to our diet then we never face hair loss problems. So consume these foods in large amounts, from this you can prevent excessive hair loss too.

One more thing please keep in mind, kindly stay away from some foods which lead to hair fall problems. I mean some fried items and junk foods are not good for our health. Try to eat nuts, greeny leafy items, carrots, berries, meat, egg, milk, fruits, flaxseeds, etc. I always include these items in my diet. Hence I am not facing any Hair loss issues. I have already shared the best food for hair, have a look at it.

I hope you find some helpful tips related to Home Remedies For Excessive Hair Fall and even about tips for excessive hair loss. Instead of going to chemicals, it is better to choose a natural one. These natural remedies don’t harm our hair and our body too.



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