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In this article, we will discuss What are the 5 stages of IVF? Every couple wants to become a parent. But nowadays the rate of infertility is increasing day by day. Most people suffer from infertility issues such as hormonal problems. This problem is in both men and women due to stress, changing lifestyles, lack of proper understanding of sexual function, and inadequate diet.

If you are experiencing an infertility problem you can get a scientific treatment called “test-tube baby”. There is no problem with this test-tube baby. In today’s modern age, with the advancement of science, we can make our pregnancy dream come true.

Here I am going to share info about IVF or Test-Tube Baby. 

What is IVF or Test Tube Baby?

IVF means In Vitro Fertilization. 

Taking an egg and a sperm and farming the baby in a lab, and putting that developed embryo in a mother’s womb is called IVF.

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What is infertility?

Not being able to get conceive or pregnant. This is called infertility.

 In some cases, sperm count is very low or not accurate in males. Or women may suffer from ovulation. Irregular ovulation, due to this disorder, the egg does not form in the womb of women. Some have no sperm and some have no eggs, this is also one of the reasons. In this case, the donor’s sperm and eggs are taken for the IVF procedure. 

Fertility drugs are given around 14 days of a woman’s monthly cycle. This stimulates women’s ovaries. This will allow the egg to evolve(expand) in greater numbers. This is the 1st step of the test-tube baby.

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The second step is to take the egg out:

Some eggs evolve because of the fertility hormone. The egg is removed with the help of minor surgery. A thin needle in surgery goes through the woman’s vagina to the ovary. The suction pump is inserted in front of the needle. From this suction pump, the egg is pulled into the ovary. During this process, 10 to 15 eggs are usually collected. A few days later some women may get cramps and spotting problems. You don’t need to be scared. The doctor will give you the correct information about this. 

The 3rd step is fertilization:

The egg taken out is kept with the sperm of men. After some time the sperm begins to enter the egg and many times the sperm is injected into the egg. This is called insemination. 

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Step 4:

The sperm begins to fertilize when it goes into the egg. When the egg is fully fertilized again embryo forms. That is a smaller form of a small child. We can see with the help of a microscope. This process is done with all the extracted eggs.

Step 5:

Putting Embryo inside:

All Embryo’s tests are done in this process. They choose the best embryo of all. Depending on the age and test of the woman, 1 to 5 embryos are placed in the womb of the woman. The embryo is placed in a woman’s uterus through a thinner tube. And slowly the baby starts to get in shape. The more chances of pregnancy the greater the embryo transfers to the woman’s uterus.

For this reason, Twins, Triplett, or 4 children chances are there in Test Tube Baby. After a few months, the test tube baby will be born. I hope you like my content about test-tube babies.

Conclusion :

Finally, we can say that we can prevent infertility through the help of this IVF or Test Tube Baby. It is advisable for couples to seek IVF help, even if the child is being treated and has no children. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and eliminate infertility.



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