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Sowbhagya Shunti Lehyam Ingredients For Postpartum

Soubhagya Shunti Leha Benefits, Ingredients, Dosage

Sowbhagya shunti lehyam is an effective ayurvedic medicine for postpartum care. This leha should be consumed after delivery. Do you know why we have to consume this lehyam after delivery? Because in pregnancy, the water content in our body is too much stored. To get rid of this water content and to bring back our uterus to normal we have to consume it. 

Some women may face many problems in the postpartum period and some won’t face. But it can’t say certainly as what problem they face. Whatever it is if we follow some rules then we can avoid these problems which may occur in the future. It is a boon for all girls and a curse for others. Because some problems may be cured and some of them are not after postpartum.

No vegetables or fruits should be consumed for 11 days after postpartum. What you should eat then? You have to use just black pepper and cumin and prepare rasam. For that add pink salt and ghee and curry leaves. Make a rasam and Consume it along with smooth cooked rice. Don’t use any daal and vegetables for rasam. Because all the organs of the body are very sensitive in this period. Digestion is also very impaired. The very important thing during this period is no physical effort should give to the body. Hence we need to pay more attention to our diet system after postpartum.

You could change your diet after 11 days. You can add little daal to the above-said rasam but don’t add tomato or tamarind to it. If you consume sourer in this time can cause the baby to vomit. You must avoid sour items in this regard. Try to avoid those items which cause cold, because the child’s chest may sound due to sputum.

This Leha is like a jam to look at. In kannada Shunti means ginger. Ginger is the prime ingredient of this lehyam(leha). This leha is very useful for both mother and baby. It protects the mother and baby from the cold. 

What are the benefits of Sowbhagy a Shunti Lehyam?

  • It enhances digestion
  • Supports uterus involution
  • It enhances breast milk
  • Helps to bring the body back to normal
  • It can easily cure postpartum disorders

Saubhagya Shunthi Pak Ingredients:

Dry ginger powder – 384 g

Ghee -384 g

Sugar – 1.5 kg 

Milk – 1.5 liters

48 g of Loha Bhasma and Abhraka Bhasma

It contains 24 g of pepper, Gajapippali, Asparagus, Coriander seeds, Dhataki, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Shati, Patra, Nagakeshar, Shaileya, Clove, Caraway, Cumin seeds, Nutmeg, Musta, Kasheru, Shringataka, Kamala(lotus). 

Sugar or jaggery as required.

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First, prepare powder of all ingredients. Next heat ghee in a kadai in a low flame and pour shunti powder in it. Prepare sugar syrup in the other vessel along with milk. Now add roasted shunti and other powdered ingredients to the syrup. Mix well and once it comes to jam consistency switch of the gas flame. 

Reference: Baidyanath Saubhagya Shunthi Pak

Dosage: According to Baidyanath take 6-12 g of this pak(lehyam) once or twice a day along with milk. 

This Saubhagya shunti lehyam (pak) is manufactured by Baidyanath, Patanjali, Sandu, Zandu, Sri Sri Ayurveda, B.V. Pundit and many ayurveda companies. 



NCERT-NOTES Class 6 to 12.

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