Pregnancy Symptoms After Ovulation Day By Day

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Hey, today I am going to share about 10 Pregnancy Symptoms After Ovulation Day By Day. Some baby-planning women may have so much curiosity before they miss a period. Motherhood is one thing that every woman wants, loves, and loves. Nothing can make a woman happy than motherhood. If she experienced motherhood then she can enjoy it.

As soon as women become pregnant they get a lot of happiness, we can’t express it. On one side she may happy that she became pregnant and on another side, she may have to suffer from some matters like vomiting, tiredness, nausea, etc. These are nothing but early pregnancy symptoms. This is because of hormonal changes in women’s bodies during pregnancy.

 It is essential to be aware of the physical changes that occur during pregnancy. These early pregnancy symptoms differ from one pregnant woman to another. Anyway, some of the most important significant signs of early pregnancy are a missed period and vomiting. Let’s know the signs of early pregnancy symptoms.

Pregnancy Symptoms After Ovulation Day By Day

1. Missed Period:

Once you get pregnant, the first symptom is the missed period. 

What is missed period and why do periods stop during pregnancy?

Once conception has happened, your body starts to produce hormones.  Those hormones stop ovulation and the lining of your uterus is being used. 

This lining needs to be fresh for the baby to grow.  In the sense, your periods have stopped and you won’t get a period again until after the baby is born. If they have a period of time during pregnancy, they will lose their embryos.

Hence once your period stops immediately don’t do any pregnancy tests. Wait for a week then do. This is because sometimes it takes some time to form a pregnancy. If you get a negative result then please don’t take any medicines to get periods, don’t harm your pregnancy by doing this. So it is better to do a beta hCG test through the doctor.

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2. Increased Breast Size:

Increased breast size is also one of the sign-in early pregnancy. As there is constant blood flow (circulation) to the breast, your breast size will increase. You may feel discomfort in your bra size because your daily wearing bra size may not fit in pregnancy.

3. Light bleeding or spotting (implantation bleeding):

Light bleeding or spotting from the vagina during pregnancy is a common symptom of early pregnancy. It doesn’t mean that you are having a problem. But in some cases, it might be a sign of problems for you and your baby’s health. If you face heavy bleeding then immediately consult your gynecologist. 

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4. Nausea or vomiting:

Nausea and vomiting of pregnancy are common signs of pregnancy. It’s also called morning sickness. Nausea is with or without vomiting, it may occur any time during the day. This is because of the hCG hormone. It starts from 4- 5 weeks to 11-12 weeks. It may be very high in 8-9 weeks. It doesn’t mean every pregnant woman will get it. Some may or may not feel vomiting or nausea. Some will have no symptoms at all. Some will get severe vomiting until they get hospitalized it won’t get stopped. 

What you need to do is pick up the ginger and crush it and mix it with a little honey. Lick this blended mixture. Doing so may cause your vomiting to come down a bit. You should eat a little dry snacks as soon as you wake up in the morning. That means bread, rusk, etc. If you drink milk and juice, vomiting can get worse. It may lead to dehydration. So drink water regularly. You can add a few drops of lemon juice or 2 leaves of mint to it to get the flavor. If you still feel vomiting it is better to consult a doctor. They give you safe medicine which can be used during pregnancy.

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5. Tiredness or fatigue:

Getting too tired is the main symptom of early pregnancy. Very tired means you will not get interested in doing anything. Normally, our body can only pump 5 liters of blood. Your body pumps 6.5 liters of blood as soon as you become pregnant. Because the baby needs blood, the uterus gets bigger and all the organs in your body get a little bigger. It is normal to get tired during pregnancy. You need to eat good food for this. You can eat fish, chicken, egg, etc. At home, our grandparents say that these foods may heat up our bodies. But nothing like that. Eat healthy food like nuts, fruits, or whatever is cooked at home. You will get energy from these foods. Please avoid junk foods.

6. Food craving: 

Food craving is the main symptom of early pregnancy. We see that about more than 60% of women in pregnancy may experience cravings. Cravings may be for usual food or maybe for unusual food items which you haven’t eaten before. Normally pregnant women may crave some sour food like pickles, tamarind, lemon, dairy products, spicy food, ice cream, chocolate, raw mango, etc. 

7. Frequent Urination:

Frequent urination is one of the signs of early pregnancy. It is common in the first trimester. As your uterus size increase, it may reappear in the third trimester. The pressure of the uterus of your bladder may cause frequent urination. 

8. Constipation:

Constipation is a known characteristic of pregnancy. One of the things is there is a slow-motion of the things passing out of the intestine. 

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How can I avoid constipation during pregnancy?

The way to avoid this constipation is by changing your diet habits and changing your lifestyle. One thing about your diet is to try to take more vegetables and fruits which are rich in fiber. 

Most pregnant ladies don’t want to drink more water. So they can do one thing, they can intake fruits which is containing more water. You can take fruit juice, soup, tender coconut, etc. 

Another important thing is being active physically, which also helps you to avoid constipation. Because you are always sitting in one place or always lying down that will also be called constipation.

9. Cramps:

Cramps come like anything, you may feel like now you may get periods. There will be too much blood circulation to the uterus in the pregnancy. So you have a chance of getting cramps. If you are getting cramps and if you can manage it then it’s ok. In case if you can’t tolerate it then it may dangerous. So consult to doctor.

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10. Mood Swing and Headache:

Hormonal changes play a vital role in the mood swing during pregnancy. Mood changes during pregnancy due to fatigue or physical stresses. You might be very inspiring, and excited about the new life, that new baby will bring you. These ups and downs may change your mood.  

Headache is a common symptom of early pregnancy. It may occur due to your tension or migraine problem. Some pregnant women get headaches because of high blood pressure. 


These are 10 important signs of early pregnancy. First, you will have to confirm your pregnancy through your pregnancy test kit. These symptoms are not seen in every pregnant woman. It may differ from one to another. Have a good diet, meditation, and stress-free life to get a healthy baby. I hope you have enjoyed my article. Thank you so much, friends. 


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