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Natural Remedies For Diabetes | Amruthaballi For Diabetes

If you are looking for how to use natural remedies for diabetes then you are in right place. Check this article about ambruthaballi for diabetes.

Friends, the biggest problem in the whole world is diabetes. These Diabetes are quietly occupying us without our knowledge. You may be surprised to see that India is the second-largest diabetic country in the whole world. India is also the second-largest nation in the consumption of insulin in the entire world. If diabetes is on the rise, there is no doubt that India will be number one.

According to estimates, there are about 77 million diabetic patients in India. It is very sad that very young people are suffering from diabetes in India. This is because of the psychological stress we are experiencing, our lifestyle, the changes we have made to our diet, obesity, etc. If we change our lifestyle, many of us will be cured. But most people do not know which one to change, or how to change.

What we do immediately after diabetes is that we are taking pills and insulin. As we consume more pills, and insulin, we can observe a lot of health problems in us. So you may have a question on your mind How can we maintain our health by reducing this pill and insulin? 

Now I will share one herb that helps you to control diabetes naturally. Do you know which herb that is? Yes, that is Amruthaballi. Amruthaballi has been used in all kinds of medicines since ancient times. Let’s know Natural Remedies For Diabetes | Amruthaballi For Diabetes

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How to use Amruthaballi for diabetes:

This Amruthaballi is known as the Sanjeevini of the Ayurveda. This vine is bitter in taste, so it can be said to be very good for digestion. Amruthaballi grows in all kinds of areas. Its trunks and leaves are very useful in medicine. 

People who have a blood-bile and blood-borne problems will soon be in control if they consume this juice with milk. Amruthaballi kashaya plays a significant role in the control of fever and cleanses females’ breast milk. Amrutha Valli is used as a medicine for many ailments and is used to boost immunity. 

The amruthaballi churna is available in the market. It can be cured quickly for any joint pain problem. If this oil is applied to skin disease, and arthritis problems, then it will soon be controlled.  

How to consume Amruthaballi:

  1. Diabetes can be quickly controlled by patients with diabetes consuming 3 tablespoons of amruthaballi juice per day.
  2. This is another method, here what you have to do is you need to take some other herbs too. Take 3 amruthaballi leaves, 6 Brahmi leaves, little drumstick leaves or moringa leaves, 2 betel leaves, and little curry leaves. Wash these leaves properly and put them into the mixer. Add water and a small piece of cinnamon and a few drops of lemon juice. Grind it nicely and filter it. Make it to 1 glass of juice by adding extra water to it. Drink daily 1 glass of this juice for 3 months. Surely it will control your diabetes.

 First what you have to do is, test your sugar levels first. Then use the Amruthaballi for 1 week. Do the Sugar Test again. You may be surprised because your diabetes will be controlled naturally, without taking any pills or insulins. 



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