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Madalakayi Leha | Heralekai Leha | Citron Fruit Lehyam

Madalakayi Leha is a traditional recipe, that is very healthy for our body. Madalakayi also called as madalaphala or citron fruit. It has a lot of medicinal properties hence it is used in many recipes and for remedies. It is rich in Vitamin C like orange and lemon. Like other citrus fruits, it also has an abundance of citrus content. Its peel is thicker than other fruits. The taste of this fruit is a little sweet and sour in nature.

This fruit is often grown in the many parts of the coastal and in Malenadu region. This fruit is also called mapalahuli in the Kodagu region. My grandmother used it mostly in cooking when I was little. We can do so many different types of cooking like pickle, lehyam, etc. The dishes are so good that they don’t spoil quickly. We can also use it in ingredients like juice and sweets, curry, jams, etc. 

Madalakayi Leha | Heralekai Leha | Citron Fruit Lehyam
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Now let’s look at the benefits of Citron Fruit:

  • Immunity Booster:

Citron fruit plays a vital role in boosting immunity in our bodies. One of the main reasons it boosts the immune system in our body is vitamin C content. It is successful in preventing bacteria that are harmful to our bodies. It is very effective in preventing a number of diseases, such as colds, cancer, fever, etc. So there is nothing wrong with using the citron fruit as your immunity booster. 

  • It prevents cancer:

When we go outside, we eat whatever we get. We do not bother about what is good or what is not for our bodies. The foods we eat may have chemicals that cause cancer. So if we make a habit of eating this fruit, it will help eliminate the chemical that causes cancer.

  • It eliminates Inflammation and Pain:

It is very helpful in reducing inflammation like pain in our body. Sometimes we experience inflammation, arthritis as well as extreme pains in our bodies. 

All these problems can be overcome if we eat this fruit. Do you know how citron fruit works? Its antioxidants fight against free radicals. This can help to prevent infections.

  • Improves heart health:

Madalkayi plays an important role in improving heart health. It not only reduces the pressure on the heart but also helps to prevent a heart attack as it contains potassium and electrolytes. So use it for heart health. 

  • It improves Digestion:

This citron fruit helps to promote the digestion system in our body. Drinking a glass of citron fruit juice keeps us away from some diseases like flatulence, bloating, etc. If you feel that your digestion is not doing well, use this citron fruit to promote your digestion system.

  • Other Benefits:

Citron fruits has a great part in blood purifiers. In pregnancy, nausea is common right. So this fruit reduces nausea in the pregnancy

How To Make Madalakayi Leha:

Now let us see how to make Madalakayi Leha (Citron fruit’s lehyam)

First, take the ripened citron fruit, peel it and remove the thin pulp and seeds. Then cut into small pieces. Now take 1 bowl of chopped citron fruit pieces and grind them well. Transfer it to a Kadai and add 2 tablespoons of ghee, a tablespoon of cumin powder, a half tablespoon of black pepper powder and mix it, let it cook on low flame. Add half a cup of jaggery and little salt to taste. Cook until this leha thickens. Here I didn’t use any ghee. 



NCERT-NOTES Class 6 to 12.

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