Legacy software for genealogy

Legacy software for genealogy

The process of the Legacy software the thousands of the programmer has been fall into the seven application of broad domain that is discussed in the previous topic.  The older computer program has referred to the legacy system that has been focused on the concerns and attention as continuous since the 1960s.

Dayani-Fard and his colleagues described the software legacy [Day99].

Legacy System in Software Engineering:

Liu and his friends’ colleagues extend the description of the software legacy [Liu98]. Liu define the legacy system

“In the term of the business function there are many of the legacy systems remain constant supportive to the business”.

Sometimes one character is included in the present software legacy system that is called a Poor Quality.

The software legacy system is more includes the inextensible design, test case, convoluted code, poor documentation and test results and the system also includes the core business functions.

What does the legacy software system?

The reasonable answer maybe is “Nothing Doing”. Means if the requirements of the software are meet to its user and don’t easily broken and need to be fixed and more flexible (reliable).

Therefore after passing the sometimes, there are the following reasons are evolving…

  • The new system is implemented in business environments.
  • The system is able to make the modern software or database to be extended.
  • The system must be meet the requirements of new technology and computing environments.

Software Engineering Process Paradigms:


“A software is a collection of the executable programming code that is also associated with documentation and more libraries.”

Software Product:

When made software for the specific requirements it is called software product.”

In the process of the software paradigm, some methods and steps are required for designing the software. Therefore many other steps and methods are implemented in the paradigm of software designing. A programming paradigm is a subset of software paradigm which is further a subset of Software development paradigm.

Software Development Paradigms:

Software Development Paradigm is also a part of the software engineering paradigm. So all the engineering concepts are applied to develop the software. It also includes the many requirement gathering and research that will be helpful to build the software product. It also consists of of….

  • Requirement Gathering
  • Software design
  • Programming code

Paradigm Software Design:

This paradigm is also a part of the software development paradigm. It consists of

  • Programming
  • Design
  • Maintenance

Paradigm programming language:

This paradigm is also a part of the software development paradigm. It consists of

  • Testing
  • Coding
  • Integration

Legacy software

Diagram: Software Development Paradigm

Software Evolution Process


NCERT-NOTES Class 6 to 12.

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