Kurti Neck Designs | Front Neck Design For Kurti

Kurti Neck Designs | Front Neck Design For Kurti

Hey, now I am going to share some excellent Kurti neck designs for women. I love Kurti since my college days. Different styles of Kurtis are available nowadays. Wearing a good stylish Kurti creates a good appearance and impression too. I have so many dozens of Kurtis in my wardrobe. The only tension is the organization. I am sure you too also facing the same problem right? 

These trendy fashionable Kurtis have different neck designs. Actually, neck designs in fashion matters more. If your neck style or design is not good then whatever fashion you adopt then no use. So it is better to give more importance to the neck designs. These neck designs are suitable for every woman, whatever their body shape or size.

These days almost all ladies wear Kurtis with jeans, leggings, palazzo, or skirts. Wearing Kurti with a skirt is trending now. Even I have 3 to 4 long skirts, I have bought them from Bangalore. They are quite superb designs and suitable to wear for grand events.

Here are some excellent kurta neck designs which will make you very stylish and fashionable.

1. Boat Neck Kurta Design

boat neck kurta design

As per the name, this style form is like a boat shape. These are suitable for every girl or woman except wider shoulder. If you wear this style then your shoulders look bigger. So I told you except wider shoulder here. And then if you are a long neck person then this is the perfect design for your Kurta. If your neck is tiny then don’t use this style.

2. Handsome Square Neck Kurta Design

square neck kurta design

 If you are a square-shaped person then please avoid this style. It gives an enlarged neck and shoulder look. They go good with palazzo pants. (Read more: Superb Arabic Mehndi Designs For Hand)

3.  Latest V Neck Kurta Design

V-neck kurti design

This is a V-shaped neck design, very simple and loved by many. I have many Kurtis with V-shapes.  You can attach some designer and colourful lace to this design. 

4. Collared Neckline Kurta Design

collar neck design kurta

These are my favourite Kurti neck designs. Because It gives gorgeous look along with covering our body parts.  These styles are trending now. I stitched these designs for short Kurtis, dhoti style, and patiyala kurtis. 

5. Crew Neckline Kurta Design

crew neck designed kurti

They look like a T-shirt neckline and will be round-shaped. They give superb look, in the sense if you attached grand beads or lace to this neck design then you can wear it for grand functions. The one best advantage of this style is no need to wear any ornaments, as it covers full neck part. 

6. Closed Neck Kurta Design

closed neck kurta design

I always recommend this styled Kurtis because they cover our full body. It gives a good official look for ladies. The best advantage of this style is no need to wear a dupatta and ornaments with this dress. You can avoid dupattas and ornaments. But it is optional. They are perfect for working women or college-going girls. 

7. Cowl Neck Kurta Design

cowl neck kurta design

I think these Cowl necklines are derived from woolen sweaters. Now they are adopting these designs to Kurtis. It looks like you are wearing a scarf or dupatta. It’s like a dupatta draped look. The woman having a big bust then go for this style. Here also no need to wear any dupatta and jewelry. 

8. Halter Neck Kurta Design

halter neck design kurta

This design is a very modern stylish one. Modern girls are mad about these styles. There is a strap tied to the back of the neck. Shoulders are show off here. if you want to showcase your shoulders then these are perfect for you.  

9. Jewel Neckline Kurta Design

jewel neck kurta design

If you are not having any jewelry and want a gorgeous dress for grand functions then select this one. This design contains a lot of embroidery work around collarbones. It appears like wearing heavy jewelry. 

10. U-Shaped Neck Kurta Design

u shape kurta design

U-shaped neck designs are very common and loved by all, even me. Whenever I get bored with other designs I go for this simple design. 

11. Keyhole Neck Kurta Design

keyhole neck kurta design

It has a keyhole shape, which is very tempting for all. I have 2 Kurtis with this style. Even I have these designs for my blouse back neck. Totally I love this design so much. You can attach some buttons or sequins to give more look. 

12. Off Shoulder Neckline Kurta Design

offshoulder kurti

These are loved by modern girls. They look very pretty, but I don’t have this design. This design neckline is also called Carmen Neckline. They look like boat necks, should wear the shoulders and collarbones.  

I hope you have enjoyed these 12 excellent Kurti Neck Designs. If you like these designs then share them with your loved ones.


NCERT-NOTES Class 6 to 12.

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