Jio Latest Prepaid Plans 2021 | Jio New Price List 2021-2022

Jio Latest Prepaid Plans 2021

You may remember a few years ago we paid 250 rupees for 1GB and we managed that 1 GB for a month. Isn’t it? At this time, Jio has given us Internet with 4G data for free for one and a half years. 

Reliance Jio has also taken the same step in raising the prices of Airtel and Vodafone Idea Selected Prepaid Plan offers. The price of Jio prepaid is a hike up to Rs. 480. 

These companies have increased their rates to better serve their customers. These companies have increased their rates up to 20-25% from the previous rate. Now Jio has joined Bandwagon and increased its rates up to 19-20%. As announced by Jio, that their upcoming rates for the prepaid plans will be effective from December 1, 2021.

Reliance Jio is cheaper than airtel and VI. Reliance Jio has decided to serve its customers at cheaper rates. Even if the price increases, its benefits do not change. The most premium plan of Rs. 2399 will be priced at Rs. 2899, in the sense it hiked its price of Rs.480. This pack continues to offer 365 days validity with 2 GB per day along with 100 SMS per day and unlimited voice calling. 

The basic plan of Jio is Rs.75 offer now available at Rs.91. It continues as an older scheme I mean by offering 3 GB of data per month with unlimited voice calling and 50 SMS per day. Its validity is of 28 days. Some add-on plans are available at different prices, It means data add-on plans of Rs. 51 will be at Rs. 61, Rs. 101 will be at Rs. 121 and Rs. 251 will be at Rs. 301. These plans provide up to 50GB of data benefit. 

You can check the all info in this image about changes in prices. 

  Jio New Price List 2021-2022

Jio Prepaid Latest Price In India | Jio New Price List 2021-2022



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