How To Use Menstrual Cup | Is It Healthier To Use A Menstrual Cup?

Introduction to Menstrual Cup:

How To Use Menstrual Cup: It is easy to use a menstrual cup.  In this article, we will know what is a menstrual cup, how to use it, and many more things.

Menstruation is a phase of life that every young woman and woman must experience. Some girls get scared immediately after menstruation. This fear is especially high among those who are menstruating for the first time. Because you feel that someone else knows your menstrual cycle. Also, there is a fear that the clothes she wears will get stained.

It is common for most women to use sanitary pads or clothes during menstruation. In earlier times more than 90% of women used clothes. Then they started to use sanitary pads. But this is not the only way to prevent menstrual stains on your clothes. You can use a Menstrual cup instead.

Yes friends you can use a menstrual cup very easily. Menstrual cups are more economical than pads and are considered more environmentally, friendly. Some women say these cups are very easy to use while others say they are not so comfortable.

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During menstruation, most women have stomach pain problems and more menstrual problems. Heavy bleeding requires frequent changes of pads or clothing. During this time worry about staining, worried about going back to the market to get the pad when it is over is common. For this, you need to set aside a separate amount every month.

But now you can avoid this monthly cost. Yes, do you know how? A hygiene alternative is available in the market in the form of a menstrual cup. Most people don’t know about it anymore. All young women and girls must know about this information. So in this article, we are going to tell you about menstrual cup information. Hence you will know how to manage your menstrual cycle properly.

Menstrual Cup

Menstrual Cup:

Many questions arise in the mind of most women as soon as the word menstrual cup they hear. For example, Is it completely safe to use a menstrual cup? What is the disadvantage of using a menstrual cup? Are menstrual cups safer than pads? How do you know when the menstrual cup is full? In this article, we are going to explain in detail all these important things related to Menstrual Cup.

What is a menstrual cup?

 A menstrual cup is a hygiene device, a small, flexible, cone-shaped, tube-shaped cup made of rubber, silicone, or latex that women insert into their vagina. It collects in it all the blood or bleeding during the menstrual cycle. A menstrual cup should be used properly otherwise there may be many side effects.

Menstrual cups retain more blood than sanitary pads and cloths used during menstruation. If you are a cloth wearer during your period, even a little bleeding is enough to get your cloth completely wet and it will leak and stick to your outer clothing. In that case, you can use these cups. These cups are very useful for many women. 

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These cups come in different sizes and you should choose the right cup according to the size of your vagina and cervix. Menstrual cups are made of silicone material. So there is no harm in using it. There is no pain or any other problem when it is properly inserted into the vagina. When it enters the vagina, it comes in the shape of a cotton ball. Then the blood starts to accumulate in this shape.

Menstrual Cup

How to use a menstrual cup?

If you are interested in using a menstrual cup, consult your doctor and follow the proper course of action. Although you can buy any brand online or in most stores, you first need to find out what size menstrual cup you need. Most menstrual cup brands make cups in both small and large sizes.

To find the right size menstrual cup for you, you should consider the following points:

  • Your age
  • The length of your cervix
  • How much does menstruation cost?
  • Cup firmness and flexibility
  • Cup capacity
  • Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles
  • Was your delivery normal (vaginal) or cesarean?
  • These points should be considered before buying a menstrual cup. 

But knowing when, how, and how to use a menstrual cup is very important. If you want to use a menstrual cup, then you take proper advice from your doctor and then use it.


1. Is it healthier to use a menstrual cup?

Yes, it is healthier to use a menstrual cup. But you should insert it properly otherwise you will get side effects. 

2. Why you should not use a menstrual cup?

Inserting any object into the vagina can cause problems with the urethra. Bacteria can be introduced into the urinary tract. Some people have other problems while using menstrual cups. Sometimes the cup can become blocked in the urethra if you put it on incorrectly. This leads to urinary problems.

3. Are menstrual cups painful to insert?

No, inserting your menstrual cup will not hurt. However, some first-time users may feel a little pain while exploring different implementations.

4. Can menstrual cups get stuck inside?

 It is not possible that a menstrual cup will get stuck inside of you. Because Vagina muscles may contract and expand. . So you can remove the cup by pushing the vagina walls. 


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