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How To Stop Hair Fall Immediately At Home For Female

How To Stop Hair Fall Immediately At Home For Female

If you are looking for How To Stop Hair Fall Immediately At Home For Female then check out this article. You will get useful information about hair care for both men and women.

Hair loss is usually found in each of us. Be it, women or men. This is a big headache problem for everyone. We see this more often in men. You can notice most of the men’s hair falls in the middle of the head. That may be in U shape. Isn’t it? This is nothing but alopecia areata. So many people give us advice. Like, apply this oil that oil, use that shampoo this shampoo, etc. But what to do, sometimes this advice doesn’t work for us.

We usually go to the doctor immediately after a hair problem.  They say that hair falls from 50 to 100 strands common in a day. You might think that what the doctor is saying is 50 to 100 strands per day Isn’t it?  You might think that 50 to 100 strands per day means we will be bald at the end of the year. There will be no hair on the head. But you are wrong because at which place the hair falls, in the same place hair starts to grow. 

Deficiency Of Which Vitamin Causes Hair Fall

Hence let’s know the reasons behind these hair fall problems.

The first reason is heredity or genetic problem. It means if the parents have a hair loss problem, it can also be seen in children. The second reason is a lack of nutrients. Yes if we consume insufficient nutrients in our diet that will be the main cause of hair fall. For example Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, protein, etc. The next reason is diseases. For example thyroid, pcod, stomach worms, Iron deficiency, calcium deficiency, etc. Hair falls even though there is a worm in the stomach. The fourth reason is unhygienic, I mean if you do not wash your hair properly, If you do not take any cleanliness steps then also you have to suffer hair fall problem. The very important reason is stress or tension. Because of this, 90% of our hair is falling off. So we need to reduce our tension and stress. The aging factor is also one of the main reasons for this. I mean after 50 s hair fall is common.

How To Stop Hair Fall?

Let’s find out what is the solution to this hair loss:

First, we need to change our lifestyle. Daily exercise, meditate yourself because as I told you first that 90% of our hair falls due to stress. From this, you can solve your 50% of hair fall problem. Again, before I mentioned the lack of nutrients right? So try to get Vitamin D for your body. Sun rays give us this vitamin. So try to expose yourself to the sun. We must consume protein in the diet. 90% of our hair is made from protein, isn’t it?   Eat kernels, meat, and at least 1 egg a day. Soak 10 badam (almonds) before going to bed, the next morning you have to eat it. You must change the pillowcase or cover once or twice a week. Wash and clean your hair twice or thrice a week. The most important thing is daily or weekly we have to apply oil to our hair, this is called Shiro abhyanga. Giving a good massage to your scalp helps to boost blood circulation.

Which Oil Is Recommended?

Many hair oils you can do at home very easily. Examples, curry leaves oil, amla oil, bhringraj oil, kalonji hair oil, hibiscus oil, etc. I already shared  Kerala herbal hair oil which is very superb oil to grow your hair very fast. Try it once and see the magic, as to how it works on your hair.

Other than these oils you can use hair masks, hair gels, and natural hair shampoos which help to prevent hair loss. I always use Hibiscus and bhringraj hair packs in my hair care routine. These packs help me to get dark black and shiny hair naturally.


 Well, let us conclude, live a stress-free life. It is better to go natural ways because there won’t be any side effects on our total health. Hence there is no magic or myth related to hair loss. Follow these steps to get rid of hair loss and be happy. I hope you came to know how to prevent hair loss in men and women. Don’t forget to comment about your experience on your hair growth journey. 


NCERT-NOTES Class 6 to 12.

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