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How To Stop Grey Hair Naturally And Turn Them Black Again

How To Stop Grey Hair Naturally And Turn Them Black Again

For some people, hair begins to turn white before they get older, we call it premature grey hair. You may get white hairs in your 15, 20, or 25 that is earlier than 40 or 50. There are several reasons for this kind of problem. These problems arise due to heredity, malnutrition, Polluted atmosphere, usage of chemical products, etc. Let’s see how we can prevent grey hair from starting stage. We also need to think about our grey hair.

To get rid of this premature greying hair we need to change our food(diet) style. We have to consume more and more green vegetables, fruits, nuts, and the required amount of water. Do some home remedies to get rid of premature greying hair. You have to continue these home remedies for 3 months to get results. Many people got positive results from these remedies. Based on this experience I am sharing this with you. Here all ingredients are easily available at home except one or two. 

How To Stop Grey Hair Naturally And Turn Them Black Again

1. Henna (Mehndi ) Powder:

Take 5-6 tablespoons of henna powder (depends on your hair volume) and add little water and mix well. Let it soak overnight. Next morning take iron kadai and pour soaked mehndi and boil it on a low flame. Now you have to add 3 tablespoons of coffee powder. Add 2 tablespoons of amla powder. Squeeze half lemon in it. Use water if required. Mix well and boil together. Boil until you get a fine paste. Apply this to your full hair and let it dry for 45 minutes. Wash it off without any shampoo. Here you should not use any shampoo. Do it once a week. Continue this process for 3 months, your hair turns brown and gradually it helps to turn black. 

(Note: If you get fresh henna leaves you can use it instead of powder)

3. Homemade Hair Oil:

Another effective remedy is my homemade hair oil. Take a cup of curry leaves, betel leaf (5-6), and a few fresh amlas or Indian gooseberry or amla powder. If you get then use bhringraj leaves and methi leaves. Now take one iron kadai and pour coconut oil and heat it. Add these taken ingredients to the oil in equal quantity. boil for 5 minutes and switch off the gas flame. Close the lid to let it cool. After 1 hour this oil will be cool. Once it cools down filter in a glass jar. Use this oil twice a week.

Your hair will be black for long period by using this oil. Why can’t we do this oil at home? Isn’t it? Let’s prepare it at home ourselves instead of paying big bucks to the shops. 

4. Indigo Pack:

If you suffer from a heavy white hair problem then this is going to be the best remedy in the world. Instead of going to chemical hair dye, you can go for it. This pack helps like a natural dye on your hair.

Indigo leaves are also called Neele Patha. They turn our hair dark blue. So some steps you have to follow here:

  1. First, apply a mehndi pack. I already explained how to make this pack in the above point.
  2. Once your hair gets orange/red colour then you have to apply an Indigo pack. For this take 2-3 tablespoons of indigo powder according to your hair length. Add little water. Give a good mix and apply it to your hair properly. Wash off after 1 hr with water. Don’t use any shampoo. 

If you follow these steps your hair will turn black. Do it twice a month. It helps to prevent grey hair problems.


Nowadays, hair begins to turn white at an early age. When we mingle with people, we feel that something is wrong with us, because of grey hairs. These days we have forgotten to oil our hair. Oiling hair is a very essential part of haircare. Use virgin coconut oil and apply daily to your scalp and hair. Or else apply one hour before bath. Take Vitamin-rich food to prevent grey hair. Doing hair dye from an early age is not so good. Use these home remedies, there are no side effects from these. 

I hope you got some idea about How To Stop Grey Hair Naturally And Turn Them Black Again. I already shared my top 9 hair growth tips, if you missed them please have a look at them: Top 9 Hair Growth Tips You Must Follow. Lastly don’t forget to share it with your friends and also comment on your healthy hair hacks with us. We will be very happy if we get some other good tips. Thank you for staying with our blog. Visit us again.



















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