How To Make Mehndi Darker On Hands | How To Make Henna Darker

How To Make Mehndi Darker

Are you looking for How To Make Mehndi Darker On Hands? Then follow my easy tips to make your mehndi darker. Mehndi is a prime part of the Indian culture, I mean in every event, festival, etc. The ‘Mehndi Function’ is considered the main part of the wedding ceremony right?  Mehndi helps to get the glow of the bride and enhances her beauty to the next level. 

As per Indian culture, it is believed that the darker colour of the mehndi depends on how much a husband loves his wife. If mehndi turns to dark colour it means deeper the love in couples. Application of Mehndi is not a big matter, the ultimate colour you get on your hands matters more. Actually, I follow some secret tips to get my mehndi darker. Now I am sharing with you. Follow these tips to make it very darker to get your partner’s love. 

How To Make Mehndi Darker On Hands

1. Lemon and Sugar:

Easy Tips To Make Your Mehndi Darker

Do you know how these ingredients are powerful to make your mehndi darker? My mom and grandma were using these tips as it is the oldest home remedy.  Do you know how to use this tip? What you have to do is first boil the required water I mean 1/4 glass of water. Once it boils then add 2 tablespoons of sugar and a few drops of lemon juice. Stir well, No need to get thick syrup and switch off the flame.

Next about the application, as soon as the Mehendi in your hand is dry take one cotton ball dip it in the sugar and lemon mixture, and apply it to your Mehndi. Continue for three times as it dries. Sugar and Lemon Mixture helps to bring greater colour to your Mehndi. 

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2. Cloves:

Easy Tips To Make Your Mehndi Darker

We use cloves in cooking. Are you thinking about how this helps to darken our mehndi? Fumes of the cloves help to get a darker mehndi.  colour. Roast the cloves in an iron skillet. When the smoke starts to come out of it, place your hands on that smoke for a few seconds. This helps to turn your mehndi colour darker and darker. Apply this 3 to 4 times to get dark colour. This fume works awesome when used along with a sugar and lemon mixture.

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3. Use Balm:

Easy Tips To Make Your Mehndi Darker

Once you remove the mehndi from your hands, brush any balms to your hands such as Vicks or Tiger balm. Take care that your mehndi is covered properly. Let it sit for some hours like 2 to 3 hours. Then see the magic your mehndi will be darker. Balms are hot in nature and menthol present in balms helps to turn dark colour.

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4. Keep it for a longer duration:

I always keep mehndi for a longer time in my hand. Actually, I leave it for 8 to 10 hours, this helps me to get a darker colour.

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5. Apply Mustard Oil :

Easy Tips To Make Your Mehndi Darker

We often use mustard oil in cooking. This cooking oil is very helpful in brightening our mehndi color as it is hot in nature. Once you remove your dried mehndi apply this oil over all your hands and wait for a few hours to get good results.

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6. Tea decoction:

Easy Tips To Make Your Mehndi Darker

I always use tea decoction while mixing the mehndi for application. That is either hair or hand. It gives a gorgeous colour to my hair and hand too. So I always love this remedy. (Read More: The Best Hair Oils For Strong and Healthy Hair)

My Other tips:

  1. I don’t use any soapy water to remove dried mehndi. What I do is rub my palms thoroughly. Then the dried mehndi starts to fall off a bit. Then I apply any above-said tip.
  2. I don’t use any oils or lotion before applying mehndi on my hand.

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These are my small tips about How To Make Mehndi Darker On Hands. I hope you will use these tips to get a dark colour mehndi. Share your results with me so I could feel happy.


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