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Do you wake up with Oily Hair?  Are you stressed with these greasy hairs? Oily hair is one big issue, dealing with greasy hair may be one of the most annoying. These types of hair stick together and look like thin hair. Excessive oily hair may lead to an itchy scalp and dandruff. 

What are the Causes of Oily Hair?

  • Genetics:

If your parents or immediate family seems to be greasy hair person, then there is a chance of you having this problem.

  • Stress:

Stress is the main cause of oily scalp because it directly affects your hormones and may lead to an oily scalp. 

  • Lack of hair hygiene:

If you wash your hair occasionally, using dirty hair tools, pillow covers may cause an oily scalp. Hence pamper your hair with good hygiene habits.

  • Dandruff and scalp infection:

The problems like dandruff, scalp infection, fungus infection, bacterial problems may lead to greasy hair or scalp.

  • Hormonal Changes:

If you are facing any hormonal imbalance, periods problem, then this will be the main reason for your oily scalp. Hence make sure to intake good protein-rich foods to maintain the hormonal balance. 

  • Improper Diet:

Improper diet may result in many health issues, you may feel tired, it develops some illness issues. Hence essential nutrients are required to maintain hair health. Don’t consume oily food, junk food, spicy food they may cause ample hair issues. 

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How to get rid of Oily Hair?

Here are some natural hair care tips to get rid of oily hair at home. Please have a look at these tips to solve your frustrating oily hair issues:

  • Wash your hair:

Washing your hair is the main thing in the oily scalp problem. Continuous washing of your hair with the correct products which are free from chemicals helps to prevent heavy oily scalp. Hence wash your hair thrice a week to get rid of greasiness.

  • Say bye-bye to Conditioner:

First of all, you are having an oily scalp, upon that if you use a conditioner then your scalp and hair becomes oily. It doesn’t mean that you should not use conditioner but make sure to use only on tips, not on the scalp. It’s better to say bye-bye to the conditioner.

  • Opt for a healthy diet:

A healthy diet is a primary thing in maintaining the scalp’s health. Kindly avoid fried foods, junk foods, fast foods. Abundantly have nuts, protein-rich foods, greeny vegetables in your diet as well. Once your scalp gets sufficient nutrients then you will get healthy hair. 

  • Avoid heat tools: 

Youth loves hair straightening or curling, different types of hairstyles using heat tools, but have you ever noticed the damage it does to your natural hair? Yes. Its true heat tools make your hair and scalp greasy which leads to hair weak and damaged hair tresses. 

  • Use apple cider vinegar:

If you are struggling with excessive oily scalp then it may lead to scalp infection, scalp itching, and dandruff problems. Hence the best solution is apple cider vinegar. Yes. It helps to fight against scalp infection by removing greasiness on your scalp and hair. It helps to maintain pH levels.

Dilute 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with 3-4 cups of water and spray it on your scalp and hair through a spray bottle. Rinse off after 10 minutes with cool water, follow this process 3 times a week.

  • Clean your hairbrush or comb often:

Regular cleaning hair brush is a good habit to get healthy hair. Because if you brush on your greasy hair it may gather a lot of bacterias, dirt, or dust. If you don’t clean it regularly then bacteria may grow further. You can use hot water and shampoo to clean your brush. It is best to change your brush every 3 months for good hygiene practice. Use a wooden comb to avoid hair fall problems.

Hair Masks For Oily Hair Problems:

Using hair masks is better to solve this problem. Use natural hair masks that are chemical-free, unlike store-bought.

Egg Hair Mask:

Beat 1 egg and add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and lemon juice each. Mix well, apply it to your scalp as well as your hair length, wait for an hour and then rinse off. This makes your hair healthy and removes excess oil. 

Other Tips:

Other than the above-said hair mask, you can use some other ingredients on your oily scalp. Use lemon juice, Green tea, baking soda, tea tree essential oil is superb natural ingredients to use in your hair remedies, which helps to control your oily scalp problems. 


Oily hair is never good news, the impurities and the oil remaining on your scalp every time. It irritates not only our scalp but also our calmness. But with the right treatment, we can overcome this problem effectively. Hence don’t worry about oily hair problems.





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