How To Earn Money Online With Google For Students

How To Earn Money Online With Google For Students

Are you looking for  How To Earn Money Online With Google For Students? Then check out this article about how to earn money online. There are so many ways to earn money online. But all are not legit. First, you have to find which online jobs are legit and which are not. There are so many online jobs available on the net like captcha work, coding, data entry, blogging, typing work, etc. So here we are explaining How To Earn Money Online With Google For Students.  

The word Google is very famous in the world. We all have heard the name Google. This is a company that is ruling the entire world through its search engine. It is not just a computer but has started ruling the mobile world with the help of its Android OS. No matter where you ask, Google is sure to be Google. Google has also changed the way we make money and do business. This Google is giving many opportunities to everyone to earn money by themselves without any investment. One good thing is that you can earn this money sitting at your home without going to the office. Yes, you heard it right, you can earn this money sitting at your home, no need to get a job in any office.

There is no fraud in this, yes it is not fake, it is sure to make money. Today in the online age, from students, and housewives to well-known professionals in their field, millions of people around the world are making money sitting at home with the help of Google.

You may have many doubts. How to earn money from Google sitting at home? Well, let’s see how to earn money from Google. Google pays you in return for the creative work you do. If you write a good article, Google will give you a large portion of advertising revenue by showing your ad to readers along with your article.

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What do you have to do for this?

If you want to earn money from Google Ads, first you need to get Google Adsense. You can’t make money without Google Adsense. Google Adsense is approved for your blog or website. From there Google will give you a code for your ad link, which you can monetize by placing it in your online media. You don’t just have to write articles to earn money, instead, you can use media like audio and videos. Let’s know in detail how they can be used.

Before creating an Adsense account, you first need to have your own blog, website, or YouTube channel. In blogs, you can write articles, and even put videos. Videos should also be posted on YouTube. From there you can reach your users. So you can earn money. Here are some ways to earn with Google.

How to make money with blogs?

How to make money with blogs?

Blogger is designed for you if you have a passion for writing, use some of your technical knowledge to get your creations across the internet to as many people as possible. Working on Blogger may seem difficult to you but it is very easy because its user console is similar to Microsoft Office Word.

How to create an account on blogger? 

Creating an account on Blogger is very easy. For this, you need to open a Gmail account. If you already have an account on Gmail, you don’t need to worry about signing up. A Blogger account can be opened in a few seconds. You first open a Gmail account and create your blogger account by going to and using the signup option.

 Once you learn how to blog, you will be able to make the most of your blog. By purchasing a domain name after a single login, you can replace the blog address with your domain name. You can choose your favorite name. But first, you need to know whether that name is available or not. Then post daily articles on your blog and display Google Adsense ads on your blog. If users click on these ads while reading your content, Google pays you a share of the revenue for each click.

How to earn money from a website?

 If you have a website you can earn money from it. This is possible not only with blogs but also with websites. But you need to invest money for the website, I mean for its domain name and hosting. But it can be done for free on the blog. Just as you post articles on blogs, you should also post articles on websites. After that apply to Google Adsense. Once Google AdSense is approved for your website, ads can be placed on your website. Google pays you if someone clicks on the ad.

How to make money with Youtube?

How to make money with Youtube?

YouTube is also another powerful medium for monetization by Google. If you succeed in attracting users by uploading your entertaining or informative videos, Google can reward you for it. For this, you need to enable the Monetize Your Video option and it is related to your Google Adsense account. For this, it is necessary to create a YouTube channel from the same account where you created your AdSense account.

How to create an Adsense account? 

Signing up for an Adsense account on Google is as easy as creating an email account for yourself. For this, you need to follow the following points:

Go to the Google Adsense home page at, where you will find the signup option on your content monetization page.

After this, you complete the signup process through your Gmail account by entering your website where you want to display Google ads.

Users with their own web hosting are advised to use their website-specific email address for the signup process as there are chances that the Adsense account will get approved soon.

While completing the signup process, be very careful while entering your address, as Google will send you an account activation code in a sealed envelope at this address.

After completing the signup process, Google will notify you about account approval through a notification.

After this, you will get an envelope from Google at the address you provided, you have to open it carefully and submit its code to your account and you are ready to place Google’s ad on your site.

How to place ads on your website?

Google allows you to generate code to show ads on your website or blog. For this, you can log in to your AdSense account and go to the My Ad option and click on Create New Ad and design an ad according to your need and place it on your website or blog and earn money from it.

So Like this, you can earn money from google. I hope you have understood How To Earn Money Online With Google For Students. If this article is helpful then share this with your loved ones. 



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