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How Many Times Should You Wash Your Hair A Week?

How Many Times Should You Wash Your Hair A Week?

Hi guys, how are you all? Hope all are doing fine. Today I will share some hair washing tips with you all, so by the end of this article you will learn How Many Times Should You Wash Your Hair A Week?

As you know that we should not wash our hair with hot boiling water (wash with lukewarm water). And after washing our hair if it is wet we should not comb our hair too. Apply egg and aloe vera gel for long, thick, and smooth hair. If you want long and super thick hair you have to trim your hair once in 5 months or 6 months. A few years back my mother said if we cut our hair we get super long thick hair. So I thought it was ok and I agreed. After that few months later I got beautiful hair. I was surprised and I was really happy about my hair.

Apply natural shampoo (this is my shampoo hacks) and eat healthy food like fruits, and vegetables for iron and vitamin c, and drink milk for calcium. So that you can get your beautiful hair very easily. If you have hair fall problems take curd and methi powder, mix it well and apply it to your hair. So that your hair doesn’t fall off. Tell me what do you prefer long hair or short hair? I prefer long hair. And curly or straight? I prefer straight hair. 

Do you know the secret of my super cute long and bouncy hair?

My answer is I apply eggs once a week and I know it smells bad. But it’s fine if you want to grow you have to do it like this. I prefer a small ponytail but my school says that I can’t wear a ponytail. I have to put plaits. Make sure the hairstyle, that is either ponytail or plaits whatever is not too tight. Because it can lead to hair fall. Sometimes I don’t like to put oil because it’s so sticky and oily. I see that some people’s hair is bald and so thin. So I am scared of my hair so I have to take care of my hair. 

Shampoo Hacks For Hair:

If you want to use shampoo on your head then use it twice a week not more than that. If you really want to use your shampoo so I am going to tell you the tip for it also. What you have to do is take a coin shape of shampoo I mean little shampoo and dilute it with little water. Apply it to the edges of your hair and the bottom of your hair. After doing that wait for 2-3 minutes and wash your hair. Next use conditioner, for this you have to do same way so that your hair stays still. If you apply shampoo your hair will be staying for temporary. But  If you use natural shampoo and natural oil your hair stays forever. This is my washing hair hacks. 

Another way to get bouncy hair take rice water and wash your hair with it. And take ground ginger and coconut oil, mix well and apply to your hair once a week. Make sure that you are not using any chemical shampoos. For black and shiny hair you can also use aloe vera, ginger, and coconut oil. Did your granny or grandmother use to massage you? But my grandma was always holding me and putting oil on my hair. That’s why my hair is now long and bouncy. 

Do you know my other secret tips?

My Hair Washing Hacks To Get Bouncy Hair

1. Hibiscus:

My grandma always says that use natural ingredients for my hair and skin. In that hibiscus is one of the most favourite, we have so many plants in our garden with varieties of colours. Wherever I go I use to bring one reputed plant-like hibiscus, aloe vera, henna, etc. I already shared a post about hibiscus for hair. In that, I explained to you in which ways you can use hibiscus for your hair. 

My Hair Washing Hacks To Get Bouncy Hair
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2. Bhringaraj:

This is popular in our country for hair care. My mom and grandma’s hair was very thick and black. The secret of that black hair is bhringraj. Yes, it covers your grey hairs, and you can prevent grey hair problems too. You can prepare bhringraj hair mask to get black hair, which I do for my hair.

How Many Times Should You Wash Your Hair A Week?

If it is oily hair then wash 4 times a week and if it is normal hair then 3 times is enough. Some will advise that if you have oily hair then it’s better to wash daily with a mild shampoo. But I recommend if you get pure water then you can wash it daily. It shouldn’t damage your hair. 


It’s my small piece of advice about my hair washing hacks to get bouncy hair. Hope you have enjoyed my hair washing hacks to get bouncy hair. You can share your hair washing hacks with me. Thank you, I will be back with some other tips.







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