How Can We Keep Our Kitchen Clean And Hygienic

In this article, We are going to share How Can We Keep Our Kitchen Clean And Hygienic. Most of the time our laziness leaves our kitchen messy. Poor hygiene is also one of the main reasons for it.  If we follow some good hygiene tips in our daily routine, then our kitchen will look awesome. So let’s start with those kitchen hygiene tips.

How Can We Keep Our Kitchen Clean And Hygienic

1. Quick Cleaning:

Once you finished cooking work immediately clean the countertop. It gives good look to your kitchen. The water or ingredients that leap from the cooker disturbs the beauty of our kitchen. The stains of turmeric or masala will spoil the appearance of the white marble or tiles. If you don’t clean it soon then it dries there itself. Then it will become very hard to remove. Use any regular detergent along with the water and spray over there and wipe it off quickly. 

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2. Hot Pot Stands:

You should not keep a hot pan and hot pots directly on the countertop. In case you place it directly, it leaves burn marks on the white countertop. I prefer to use the hot pot rack to store hot pots, kadais, and cooking utensils after cooking. 

3. Cover Cabinet Tops:

Cabinet tops must be clean and well hygienic. Oil and dust make it messy. They form sticky lines on the top of the cabinet. It is very difficult to clean and even time consumes a lot. White cabinets will lose their shine very fast. To avoid this make sure to leave the paper on top of the cabinet. You can change it after a few months like one or two months. It protects the top of the cabinet from dust and oil. It is easier to clean as well. 

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4. Adopt Quick Cleaning Rule:

 Adopt a quick cleaning rule in your kitchen. Once you finished the cleaning procedure in the kitchen, you need to spend an extra few minutes cleaning the side edges of cabinets, chimneys, backsplash, etc. While we are cooking oil will accumulate in these areas. We forget to clean these particular areas. This stain will become sticky.

Sometimes we forget to clean the countertop edges. For these edges also we have to pay more attention while cleaning the kitchen. What you have to do is just clean and wipe them regularly to keep them clean every time.

5. Night-time Cleaning Routine:

Once you finished meals make a habit to clean the kitchen. Leftover food will leave stains later on it will become stubborn. Do you know how it difficult is to remove? Your mom might have known about it.  So before going to the bed once you clean the kitchen. It makes freshness to the next morning’s routine in the kitchen. 

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6. Use some organizers:

Do not keep any utensils directly on the countertop. Always use some organizers like baskets, trays, or shelves, or keep Continental bottles, etc. If you do so objects can be easily moved while you are cleaning. Even it avoids scratches, splashes, etc. 

7. Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals:

While cleaning the kitchen, do not use any harsh chemicals on the countertop. Marbles and granites will lose their luster very soon. Use your daily dishwashing liquid and water for cleaning it. You can add tea tree essential oil to the diluted cleaning mixture because it has anti-bacterial properties. (Read More: How To Do Household Work Fast and Efficiently)

8. Use Rugs and Mats:

 If you want to keep your kitchen tidy and clean then place rugs and mats in the kitchen area. These rugs and mats absorb water or any liquid form of ingredient that spills over the kitchen floor. Before going to sleep just brush off the rugs. These rugs and mats are easy to clean and can be easily washed in the washing machine too. 

9. Use The Container:

Do you know why I said to use the container?  Because to collect kitchen waste. While cooking, be sure to use one empty container. Throw all the peels and rappers into the container. If you place all the waste directly on the countertop, then cleaning will become very difficult. 

 10. Multitasking:

 whenever you cook in the kitchen, sometimes you may get free time. Utilize this free time for cleaning. For example, if you see any dirty dishes, spills in the refrigerator, or dirty storage containers, try to clean them quickly. It saves a lot of time in deep cleaning. 

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11. Weekly And Monthly Cleaning Routine:

You need to follow weekly and monthly kitchen cleaning procedures. In the weekly cleaning time, use daily detergent to clean all cabinet doors. In case you left any cleaning procedure during the daily cleaning routine then you can cover it in the weekly program.  In a monthly program, you can clean chimney filters, door hands, etc. This practice makes you a perfect sweeper and keeps your white kitchen very clean.  

12. Get Organized:

Organizing a kitchen is a talent. As you get any free time utilize that time to organize your kitchen. If things are well organized and easily obtainable, that means half of the kitchen work is done. Things must not become messy, and all items must have their proper places. Try to follow a systematic way to organize the kitchen.  

13. Select The Right Material For The Kitchen:

Finally, you have to select the right materials for your kitchen. It helps to boost good energy in the kitchen. Use cabinet doors made of plywood and acrylic laminate, with glossy glass finishes and stain resistance. It is easy to handle. Different types of materials are available in the market. You have to choose, which is perfect, which works for you. That you have to decide. If you choose the correct one then your kitchen will shine effortlessly, there is no doubt.

Hope you got info about How Can We Keep Our Kitchen Clean And Hygienic. Follow these steps and keep clean your kitchen.



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