Gorgeous South Indian Wedding Hairstyles

 Gorgeous South Indian Wedding Hairstyles

If you are looking for Gorgeous South Indian wedding hairstyles then I am here to help you. South Indian Wedding Hairstyles give gorgeous looks to the bride. Ultimately wedding day means there should be makeup, gorgeous clothing, ornaments, etc. If the bride’s final touch should be attractive and beautiful then her hairstyle matters more.

Today, every woman gives so much importance to her hairstyle with the makeup she does. No matter how much you decorate the bride is not enough. Particularly we give more importance to the hairstyle. At weddings putting Jada (plaits) and making decorations is a common thing. Various types of jadas are still available in the market.

You might be knowing about south Indian wedding ceremonies which have 3-4 days of non-stop events like, engagement, mehndi ceremony, Haldi shastra, muhurtham, etc. For these events, we use to make different hairstyles for the bride. I mean one hairstyle for haldi shastram, another hairstyle for mehndi function, and so on. 

Girls want to be different from everyone else. Going to college or the office as a simple is common. Yet it is difficult to count the love and concern that girls have over hairstyle. It is the opinion of all women that they should look good at weddings and functions. Different types of hairstyles enhance the bride’s grooming.

A variety of hairstyles play an important role in enhancing the beauty of the bride’s face. Some months before the wedding, the bride thinks her hairstyle, makeup, ornaments should be like this or like that. Bridal hairstyles can make without using any artificial hair. But her hair has to be very long. In the past, all women’s hair was long and thick. But nowadays tell me whose hair is longer.

Actually, we make poolajada or jelli for the bride at the wedding. Poolajada will be in a ball-shaped hairstyle. And they wrap a variety of flowers around it. It is not mandatory to be a ball shape but it’s changed different people will make in different styles. These jadas are made with fresh flowers or artificial flowers. Some will use beads to make it looks grand.

Nowadays there are many kinds of pre-stitched jadas available in the market. But jadas with fresh flowers are great if compared to artificial ones. Apart from these types of jadas some royal families use real gold or pearls to make these jadas. But it is very costly, the middle class or low-class people can not bear this cost.

 Many specialists are there to make these jada, if we give orders they will make it and supplies to us. A variety of flowers like jasmines, tuberose,  roses, chrysanthemum flowers, kanakambara flowers, and some leaves are used in these hairstyles (jadas).

In fact, there are a lot of South Indian Wedding Hairstyles that are there right, the main problem is selection. This causes us much confusion. It doesn’t mean that only hairstyle but also in the case of saree, jewelry, makeup, etc. 

Check out the below South Indian Wedding Hairstyle ideas which will match with almost all ethnic wears like lehenga, saree, ghagra choli etc.

South Indian Wedding Hairstyle South Indian Wedding Hairstyle South Indian Wedding Hairstyle South Indian Wedding Hairstyle South Indian Wedding Hairstyle South Indian Wedding Hairstyle

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South Indian Wedding Hairstyle South Indian Wedding Hairstyle South Indian Wedding Hairstyle

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South Indian Wedding Hairstyle

South Indian Wedding Hairstyle

At last, we can say that the South Indian bridal look is incomplete without beautiful hairstyles. If you want to look like a South Indian Bridal then you have to fulfill with gorgeous hairstyle, jewellery, makeup, mehndi. If you do this then you will look like an angel. Hence enjoy this precious lifetime moment like a goddess. 


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