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 Floral Jewellery For Bride

If you are looking for trendy floral jewellery for the bride, then you are in right place. The object that all women love so much is nothing but that is Jewellery. Jewelry is the most important object in every event such as wedding, engagement, Haldi, mehndi, birthday parties, baby shower, etc. In every event, every girl and woman wants to exhibit her beauty through jewelry. Isn’t it?  Yes, always. 
From celebrities to the public every one attracted to floral jewelry. Hope you are too attracted to this floral jewelry. No matter how precious the jewelry is, these floral ornaments are trending in Mehndi shastra. We can prepare ornaments at home for brides. According to mythology, Goddess Sita was wearing floral ornaments. Afterward, all the girls were inspired by this jewelry and started to wear it. 
Like any other jewelry, we can make a variety of ornaments in flower ornaments as well. Such as necklaces, hair bands, hair clips, headbands (matha Patti), anklets, earrings, etc. are examples. You can use fresh flowers or artificial flowers to make this floral jewelry. We get superb floral ornaments collections for brides at an affordable price in the market. We can see different designs in these ornaments.
We use this floral jewelry in pre-wedding events such as Haldi and mehndi to make brides look gorgeous. Even in baby shower programs, some ladies use this kind of design. So pregnant lady also fulfills her desire for jewelry by wearing it. Due to the lack of fresh flowers in the cities, most people go for artificial flower ornaments. Fresh flower spoils quickly but the artificial flower is very durable. If we compare artificial flowers to fresh flowers, the fresh flower is very fragrant.
Many jewelry makers use cardboard, beads, flowers, Kundan, petals, leaves, etc. to make this ornament. The massive colour combination gives a gorgeous look to our floral jewelry. There are various types of floral jewelry are there. Let’s see one by one.

floral jewellery (2)

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What are the types of Flower Jewellery ornaments?

1. Floral Necklace:

These floral necklaces have their own trend. We can see different kinds of necklace designs. Some are just one-strand necklaces but we can find some two to three-strand necklaces. Different types and coloured beads, flowers, and pearls should use to make this necklace. It’s available in either short or long lengths with different strands. 

floral jewellery

2. Floral Maang Tikka:

This jewelry enhances the beauty of the bride through the forehead. This contains the hooks, pendant, and chain. I love this maang tikka so much. Anyone can wear it look so beautiful such as kids, aged women whoever it is. It gives an extra admired look to the bride. 

floral jewellery

maangtikka floral jewellery

3. Floral  Anklet:

The anklet is a jewel that is very much loved by children to adults. It is also called Payal in Hindi.

floral anklet

4. Floral Hand-Harness:

These are another version of bangles for the bride. It is also called Floral Haath-Phool in Hindi. Floral rings play the main role in this. It enhances the bride’s beauty. 

flower bangle

floral bangles

5. Floral Armlet:

It is also called Floral Bajuband in Hindi. It looks like a bracelet, very superb ornaments for every Indian Bride. The bride should wear on the upper part of the arm. 

floral armlet

6. Floral Kamarpatta:

Kamarpatta is nothing but an ornament used like a belly chain, waist chain or hip chain. Do you know to make this jewelry? You should weave this along with flowers and beads or only with flowers. You can make it in single layers or multiple layers of strings. 

floral kamarpatta

7. Floral Hair Ornaments:

Nowadays you can see these floral hair ornaments in every kid’s head. These hair accessories are trending now. Actually, I like crown and hair bun pins. They give good look to my long hair. 

floral jewellery Designs

floral jewellery Designs

floral jewellery designs

flower hair comb

8. Floral Earrings:

Like gold earrings here also varieties of floral earrings are made with flowers, beads, and pearls. In earrings, floral jhumkas, chandbali and floral studs are trending now. These are available in different colours, size,s and designs. 

floral earings

floral jhumka


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