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Fennel Seeds Water Benefits | Saunf Water Benefits

Saunf Water Benefits | Fennel Seeds Water Benefits

Fennel Seeds Water Benefits are a lot. It is known as fennel seeds. Fennel seeds eliminate all problems related to digestion. Fennel seeds are very helpful in keeping the digestive tract healthy. If you suffer from indigestion, constipation, or bloating, these fennel seeds are a great home remedy for all of those problems.

After having food we used Fennel Seeds as a mouth freshener. It contains many medicinal properties. It is also a spice. This is a common spice found in our kitchen. If you are thinking that it is limited to give extra flavor to the food then you are wrong. But do you know how a small seed can protect our body? 

But if you drink saunf water instead of chewing raw seed, it will be more beneficial to you.

How to make Saunf Water?

You can make saunf water (fennel water) in two ways. The first method is overnight soaking and another one is the boiling method. 

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First Method: Overnight Soaking


Water – 1 glass

Saunf (fennel seeds) – 1 tablespoon


Take a glass of water and add a tablespoon of fennel seeds into the water. Close the lid and soak overnight. While waking up in the morning have this water with or without filtering. If you don’t filter the water, when you drink this water the seeds remain in your mouth. in that time you can chew it and eat it. 

Second Method: Boiling Method:

Boil one liter of water, turn off the gas flame and add 2 spoon seeds to it. Leave for 10 minutes and drink. That water will be turned into light yellow colour. Filter it and drink.  It can be boiled, but in doing so the nutrients are lost. 

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Saunf Water Benefits
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Saunf Water Benefits | Fennel Water Benefits:

Fennel’s water effectively alleviates the urinary problem. It acts as a diuretic. It helps to eliminate impurities and toxins in our bodies by increasing urination. This makes the flatulence problem away. Very helpful for digestion. Apart from these, there are a lot of other benefits too. 

1. Saunf water benefits for weight loss: 

Nowadays most people suffer from weight and obesity problems. As our body weight gains, many health hazards cover us. Therefore, it is imperative that everyone maintains their own body weight. 

There are several steps we can take to lose weight, though some weight loss diet and exercises. but it is not easy. It is only possible if we patiently follow the right course. Our diet and exercise play a very important role in this. According to health experts, whatever we eat will definitely affect our health and even weight loss

Fennel seeds aid in boosting metabolism. This additionally helps in weight loss. I already explained how to prepare saunf water. Use that method and daily drink a glass of fennel seed water to lose weight.

2. Saunf water benefits for menstrual cramps:

Most girls and women experience severe abdominal pain and cramps during menstruation. They start using medications as pain increases. But even taking medication does not ease the pain. Fennel Water will help you a lot in this case. This water reduces pain and cramps. It also eliminates the problem of vomiting or nausea.

3. Saunf water benefits for indigestion:

There are a lot of lehas (lehyam) available to ease our digestion system such as Chyawanprash. Some like lehyam but some don’t. In that case, you can consume fennel water.  If you suffer from indigestion, bloating, and acidity, drink fennel seed water. It gives the body a lot of coolness. It controls the digestive system by increasing digestion.

4. Saunf water benefits for diabetes:

An Australian study published in the journal Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism, revealed that taking a nutrient C tablet two times each day diminished blood glucose spikes later dinner by 36% in individuals with type 2 diabetesIt helps to lower cholesterol levels so it is very helpful for type 2 diabetes. 

5. Blood purifying :

As we already said that fennel seeds contain essential oils, that flush out the harmful toxins from the body.  So it purifies the blood.  

6. Saunf water benefits for constipation:

Saunf helps the digestive system. It reduces flatulence, as it eases digestion it alleviating constipation symptoms. Daily having a glass of fennel water reduces bloating, and acidity too. 

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7. Fennel water for acne:

Fennel water is great for your skin too. It has anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties that help you fight acne. Drinking fennel seed water will also help you get healthy glowing skin.

Now you know the amazing benefits of fennel seed water or fennel water or saunf water. So It is good to drink daily a glass of fennel water or use it as a mouth freshener after you have your food. This also helps your body to get healthy.



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