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Fattolin Tablets Uses | Sharangdhar Fattolin Tablets

Fattolin tablets are ayurvedic medicine for obesity(weight loss). It is manufactured by Sharangdhar Pharmaceuticals Ltd. This medicine helps to treat obesity by reducing excessive fat in our bodies. I and my mom personally used this medicine (fattolin tablet) and got positive results. So I thought to give a review about this medicine.

Here you will get info about the Fattolin tablet’s uses, price, ingredients, dosage, and many more things. 

Price of the Fattolin Tablets:

I bought it for 365 Rs. In that 120 tablets were there. 

Curing uses of Fattolin tablets:

It aids to cure obesity, varicose veins, Cardiac Diseases, Arthritis, and high blood cholesterol problems.

Ingredients of Fattolin Tablets are:

As they mentioned, it includes 20 mg of ginger, black pepper, pippali, chitrak, vidanga, Shuddha gandhak (sulphur).

40 mg of kanchnara and gokshura.

100 mg of Thriphala and shuddha guggulu.

Dose (How to take this Fattolin tablet)

Take 2 tables twice a day with water, after food, or as per your physician’s direction.

Can you take this tablet with other modern medicine?

Look for your doctor’s advice if you are taking this tablet along with other medicines. 

Can we use this along with homeopathic medicine?

Yes, you can use it. It does not react with homeopathic medicines so no problem to use. (Read more: 30 Days Diet Plan For Weight Loss Indian Diet Plan)

What are the side effects of Fattolin tablets?

As I know about side effects there is no such a case with this ayurvedic medicine. But it is better to consult your doctor before using this tablet. 

For the best results, you have to complete the 3-month course with supportive medicines. Here supportive medicines are Hepatreat, Urethral, Sharlax, and Carmin.

Fat or excessive weight may lead to several ailments. Therefore we need to reduce our excessive, unwanted fat. There are so many reasons to gain unwanted fat like lack of exercise, uncontrolled intake of fast food, deep-fried food, sweets, etc. This may result in a slowing down of our metabolism, which leads to excessive fat. 

Whenever we are hungry sometimes we don’t bother about our weight, the quantity of our food, etc.  Simply we start to eat more and more than what our body requires. So we gain a lot of weight and have to face any kinds of diseases. 


Some ayurvedic herbs and spices help to burn our obesity naturally. Triphala, pippali, guggul, mire, etc. helps to reduce weight. Fattolin tablet contains components that correct the metabolism and break-offs the production of excessive fat in our body.

With Fattolin within 2-3 months, you can see the best results. Anyhow healthy low-fat diet, low calories, and regular exercise are essential for a healthy life.



NCERT-NOTES Class 6 to 12.

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