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Are you looking for dog with purple tongue, or purple tongue dogs? Then checkout this article to know more about purple tongue dog. Dogs are loved by many and are often pampered at home. The more we show them, love, the more they feel the same love for us. Some dogs even draw us into their own. There are a lot of breeds there on this planet. In that also purple tongue dogs are very rarely we find. 

Our love for them grows as they begin to lick our faces. Of course, it is okay for dogs to lick as we have shown love but surely you will be surprised when you see their tongues. This is because you can see that some dogs’ tongues are purple.

Many dog ​​breeds are known for purple tongues. A big question is why they are so different. They look so adorable though.  We need to feed them good and healthy food as we consume. You might know how to make the best homemade dog food recipes, feed them your own prepared food instead of store-bought. Let’s see which dog breeds have purple-coloured tongues.

What Dog Breeds Have Purple Tongues?

1. Chow Chow :

Chow Chow | Purple Tongue Dog | Blue Tongue Dog | Dog Tongue
Image credits: American Kennel Club

Chow Chow dogs are popular for their purple tongue. It is one of the oldest breeds on the planet. Chow chow puppies actually have pink tongues when they are born. But at 10 weeks old, their tongue turns blue-purple colour. The color changes due to a substance called melanin.

2. Shar-Pei:

Shar-Pei | Purple Tongue Dog | Blue Tongue Dog | Dog Tongue
Image credits: Bubbly pet

The Chinese breed Shar-Pei also has a purple tongue. But they are more famous for their big wrinkles than their purple tongue. But they look so cute ever.

3. Rottweilers:

Rottweilers | Purple Tongue Dog | Blue Tongue Dog | Dog Tongue

Most all Rottweilers do not have blue-purple tongues. Often the favorite Rottweilers have a blue-purple or black dot with a pink tongue. But some Rottweilers have a complete blue-purple tongue.

4. Eurasier:

Purple Tongue Dog | Blue Tongue Dog | Dog Tongue
Image Credits: doggyzworld

According to Vet Street, the Eurasier is a cross between Wolf Spitz, Chow Chow, and Samoyed, producing a medium-sized dog with a wedge-shaped head, triangular ears, and a thick double coat. Due to its Chow Chow ancestor, Eurasier also inherited a blue-black-purple tongue. 

5. Thai Ridgeback:

Purple Tongue Dog | Blue Tongue Dog | Dog Tongue

According to Vet Street, Thai Ridgeback is found in Thailand but is rarely found outside. These are easily recognized from the ridge of the hairs on their backs. These have blue-violet tongues similar to Chow Chow and Shar-Pai.

6. The Phu Quoc Ridgeback:

Purple Tongue Dog | Blue Tongue Dog | Dog Tongue
Image credits:

The Phu Quoc Ridgeback is a rare breed than Thai Ridgeback. As per Dog Zone, It is thought that fewer than a thousand breeds can be found worldwide. This breed has so many similarities to the Thai Ridgeback. The Phu Quoc Ridgeback is well known for its pigmented tongue and unique ridge of fur.








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