Does Beet Juice Lower Blood Pressure?

The problem of blood pressure is increasing these days. So we have to give more importance to our diet to reduce it. According to several studies, drinking glasses of beet juice is very effective in lowering a person’s blood pressure. Nowadays most people are paying a lot of attention to beetroot juice. Do you know why? Because to reduce their blood pressure. Drinking a glass of beetroot juice daily can lower blood pressure by around 7%.

We all love beetroot. Consumption of beetroot is very beneficial for our health. Beetroot is very rich in nutrients. You can use this beetroot in salads, curry, juice, sweets, etc. It is also called a superfood due to the nutrients it contains. Drinking beet juice is a better option than eating any other food to lower blood pressure. Beetroot is high in essential nutrients when eaten raw. When you cook the same, its essential nutrients are reduced. So it is best if you consume it raw. So drink its juice to reduce your high blood pressure.

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Does Beet Juice Lower Blood Pressure?

It not only lowers our blood pressure but also has many health benefits. It is very helpful for our skin, and hair and plays a great role in increasing the strength of our body. Nitrates in beet juice improve blood circulation in blood vessels. This lowers blood pressure and eliminates the problem of high blood pressure.

Drink beetroot juice to keep your weight under control. It is very low in calories and rich in nutrients. So it keeps the weight under control. People with high cholesterol problems can reduce their cholesterol levels by consuming beetroot. It contains flavonoids and phytonutrients, which work to lower your body’s bad cholesterol and increase your good cholesterol.

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How To Make Beet Juice For High Blood Pressure?
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How To Make Beet Juice For High Blood Pressure?

For one glass of beetroot juice, you need 1 medium size Beetroot and a glass of water. First, peel the beetroot and wash it properly. Chop it and transfer it to a blender and blend it. You will get pink foam with dark red juice. Filter it to separate the pulp and pour it into a glass and have it. 

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1. Will a glass of beet juice lower blood pressure?

Yes, a glass of beet juice helps to lower blood pressure

2. Can I drink beet juice while taking blood pressure medication?

If someone taking medication for high blood pressure wants to add beet juice to their diet, it is best to consult their doctor first.

3. Is it OK to drink beet juice every day?

Currently, there are no official dosage recommendations for beetroot juice. According to some studies, drinking one 250-ml glass of beetroot juice per day will help to lower blood pressure. This juice did not cause any serious side effects, but participants reported a change in the color of their urine.

Hence if you are under medication for blood pressure then consult your doctor before consuming this juice.

4. How can I bring my blood pressure down immediately?

If you have high blood pressure, first lie down for a while without any stress and start taking deep breaths. This stress-relieving technique can help lower blood pressure to some extent. Moreover, drinking beetroot juice can also help in reducing your high blood pressure.

5. How long does it take for beet juice to lower blood pressure?

Only a few hours of consumption lowers blood pressure.

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6. How much beet juice should I drink to lower blood pressure?

According to some studies, 1 to 2 cups of beet juice helps to lower blood pressure.

7. Does beetroot lower blood pressure?

Yes, beetroot lower blood pressure. 

8. What is the best drink for high blood pressure?

Beetroot juice, tomato juice, prune juice, pomegranate juice, berry juice, skim milk, and green tea are the best drink for high blood pressure.


So we can conclude that beet juice can lower our blood pressure. Apart from this, it aids in a lot of health benefits. Hence add this beetroot to your daily diet by preparing different dishes.




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