Docker Version

Docker Version


Shows Docker version information


Docker version [OPTIONS]


Shorthand/Name Default Description
–format, -f Format output using the specified Go template
–kubeconfig Kubernetes

Kubernetes configuration file

Parent Command

Shorthand/Name Description
docker Base command for Docker CLI


Extended Description

Usually, this will render all version info in an easy-to-read plan. Instead, the given template will be executed if the format is specified.

The text/template package of Go describes all the details of the format.



Default output

$ docker version

Version:      1.8.0
API version:  1.20
Go version:   go1.4.2
Git commit:   f5bae0a
Built:        Tue Jun 23 17:56:00 UTC 2015
OS/Arch:      linux/amd64
Version:      1.8.0
API version:  1.20
Go version:   go1.4.2
Git commit:   f5bae0a
Built:        Tue Jun 23 17:56:00 UTC 2015
OS/Arch:      linux/amd64

Get the server version

$ docker version --format '{{.Server.Version}}'



Dump raw JSON data

$ docker version --format '{{json .}}'

{"Client":{"Version":"1.8.0","ApiVersion":"1.20","GitCommit":"f5bae0a","GoVersion":"go1.4.2","Os":"linux","Arch":"amd64","BuildTime":"Tue Jun 23 17:56:00 UTC 2015"},"ServerOK":true,"Server":{"Version":"1.8.0","ApiVersion":"1.20","GitCommit":"f5bae0a","GoVersion":"go1.4.2","Os":"linux","Arch":"amd64","KernelVersion":"3.13.2-gentoo","BuildTime":"Tue Jun 23 17:56:00 UTC 2015"}}


Docker Versions/Editions

Docker also offers three versions or editions including

  • Docker Community Edition (CE)
  • Docker Enterprise Edition (EE)
  • Docker Commercially Supported (CS)

Docker Community Edition is the established Open Source Software Docker Engine. Docker Enterprise Edition is Docker CE with certification on some systems and support by Docker Inc. Docker Commercially Supported is kind of the old bundle version of Docker EE for versions <= 1.13.


Docker Community Edition

Docker Community Edition (CE) is freely available for everyone to use. This version of Docker is an open-source containerization platform, it is restructured version of the Docker open-source solution and can be used on a diversity of platforms as well as Windows, Mac, and Linux. Community Edition can be downloaded from the Docker Store. it is perfect for small teams and developers to get started with Docker and testing with container-based apps. Community edition has three types of update channels, stabletest, and nightly:

  • Stable offers you up-to-date releases for common availability.
  • Test gives pre-releases that are ready for testing before the official release.
  • Nightly offers the latest builds of work in progress for the next most important release.


Docker Enterprise 

Docker Enterprise is the end-to-end platform designed for building, sharing, and running container-based applications, from the desktop of developers to the cloud, and handling the complete application development at every stage. This edition is the principal container platform for high-velocity, continuous innovation. Docker is the only independent container platform that allows developers to build and share any application from legacy to modern and operators to run them anywhere and securely from hybrid cloud to the edge.

Docker Enterprise is a secure, scalable, and supported container platform for building and rewriting applications across multi-tenant Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, and Linux.

The subscription of Enterprise Edition gives you access to completely tested software and maintenance. Enterprise Edition is one of the most demanding editions of many organizations including hospitals, banks, operators, and businesses that run the world’s leading websites.


Latest Version

Latest Version of Docker is 19 till October 2019

Original author(s)  Solomon Hykes
Developer(s) Docker, Inc.
Initial release March 13, 2013
Stable release 19.03.1 / July 25, 2019



NCERT-NOTES Class 6 to 12.

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