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Docker Documentation

Docker Documentation: There are two editions in which docker is available. First is Community Edition (CE) and the second is Enterprise Edition (EE). Developers and small teams idealize Docker Community Edition (CE), who are looking to get started with Docker and experimenting with container-based apps. There are two update channels, stable and edge, in docker CE

  • Stable gives you reliable updates every quarter
  • Edge gives you new features every month

Enterprise developers and IT teams idealize Docker Enterprise Edition (EE), who build, ship, and run business-critical applications in production at scale.

Capabilities Community Edition Enterprise Edition Basic Enterprise Edition Standard Enterprise Edition Advanced
Container engine and built-in orchestration, networking, security
Certified infrastructure, plugins, and ISV containers
Image management
Container app management
Image security scanning

Supported platforms

Docker CE and EE are available on the cloud on multiple platforms, and on-premises. To choose the best installation path for you, use the following tables. Read more about Docker Tutorials?


Platform Docker CE x86_64 Docker CE ARM Docker EE
Docker for Mac (macOS)
Docker for Windows (Microsoft Windows 10)



Platform Docker CE x86_64 Docker CE ARM Docker EE
Amazon Web Services

Microsoft Azure

IBM Cloud (Beta)



Platform x86_64 / amd64 IBM Power (ppc64le) IBM Z (s390x)

Oracle Linux


Red Hat Enterprise Linux

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server


Microsoft Windows Server 2016



Platform x86_64 / amd64 ARM ARM64 / AARCH64 IBM Power (ppc64le) IBM Z (s390x)




Time-based release schedule

Docker uses a time-based release schedule, starting with Docker 17.03.

  • Docker CE Edge releases monthly.
  • Docker CE Stable releases quarterly, with patch releases as needed.
  • Docker EE releases twice per year, with patch releases as needed.

Updates, and patches

  • After release, the Docker EE release receives patches and updates for at least 1 year.
  • Docker CE Stable release receives patches and updates for 1 month after the next Docker CE Stable release.
  • Docker CE Edge release does not receive any patches or updates after a subsequent Docker CE Edge or Docker CE Stable release.



NCERT-NOTES Class 6 to 12.

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