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Can Onion Oil Grow Hair? | Is Onion Oil Good For Gray Hair?

Can Onion Oil Grow Hair?

Can Onion Oil Grow Hair?: Onion oil is considered the best oil for all kinds of hair problems. If you go to buy it, it will be very costly. Hence you can prepare onion oil at home very easily and without chemicals, instead of buying from the market.

onions for hair

Onion is the staple vegetable in our kitchen. Do you know how they are helpful in hair growth? Onion helps in strengthening our hair follicles and prevents thinning hair. Hair fall is a big problem in hair problems. Hair fall doesn’t occur alone; they bring many other problems along with them which include baldness, scalp itchiness, dandruff, thinning, etc. 

Pollution is the main cause of hair fall. Whatever we do to get exposed to this pollution doesn’t work. To say we wrap our hair with a scarf or we use a heat protectant, but still, our hair gets damaged and loses its natural shine.

Can we do something about this pollution? No, we can’t do anything. But at least we can take care of our hair. Isn’t it? Yes, we can make some natural home remedies to prevent hair loss problems. Therefore we can make these natural remedies at home. Keep on reading about how to make magical Onion Oil get rid of all types of hair problems.

onion oil for hair
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What are the benefits of using Onion Oil?

  1. Regular application of onion oil on your bald patches or on your scalp helps to regrow hair and even helps to prevent bacterial infections and dandruff problems. 
  2. Onion is a great source of antioxidants that helps to promote hair growth and prevents hair fall. 
  3. They are rich in sulfur. This sulfur helps to prevent hair breakage and split end problems. 
  4. It aids in the maintenance of the pH of our hair and the quality of our hair follicles.
  5. As it improves the blood circulation in the scalp, it is guaranteed to get stronger and thicker hair. 
  6. It acts as a natural conditioner. Onion oil is best for dry hair. If you use this oil regularly, it makes your hair very smooth and soft. 

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How to Make Onion Oil for Hair at Home?

For this, you need coconut oil and onions. Take 2-3 onions and chop them and make a paste by grinding. Heat a cup of coconut oil on low flame in the pan and pour the onion paste into the pan and stir well. Boil it for 5-6 minutes. Take it out from the flame. Let it cool for some minutes. Filter it and store it in an airtight glass container. (Read more: Control Hair Loss With Best Home Remedies)

How To Use Onion Oil On Your Hair?

Section your hair and start applying this oil to your scalp and full hair i.e. from root to tips. Give a good gentle massage for a few minutes. Let this oil sit for some minutes or hours. Then wash off with mild shampoo.  Repeat the process twice a week to get immediate results. This oil can be mixed with any of your favorite oils or essential oils to get the goodness of the oil.


1. Is onion oil good for gray hair?

Yes, onion oil is good for gray hair.

2. Can Onion Oil Grow Hair?

Yes, Onion oil helps to grow hair naturally.

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3. Can onion oil be used daily?

For a fast result, you can use it daily.

4. How long can we keep onion oil on hair?

Keep at least 30 minutes on your hair, but you can keep it overnight too.


Onions are one of the best ingredients in hair care remedies. They are highly packed with antioxidants which are very essential for our hair health. Along with the external application make sure to use this in your daily diet to get innumerable benefits of onions. 






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