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Best Hair Loss Treatment For Female Home Remedy

Best Hair Loss Treatment For Female Home Remedy

Hey guys! If you are looking for the Best Hair Loss Treatment For Female Home remedy then I am here to help you.

Our hair shows off our beauty. Do you agree with this? Of course, we should agree because if we don’t have hair then where does beauty come from? Isn’t it? I prefer long and thick hair too much. On our side, one who has long hair is called Nagaveni. Nagaveni means that person’s hair is like a snake. 

With Excessive hair loss, our stress increases, and tension results in hair loss. Sometimes whatever we do for our hair loss, doesn’t work out. So we can’t just sit. We have to do something which works for our hair problems. There are a lot of grandmas home remedies that work like a magic.

Let’s see what type of hair problems we get, why it comes, and in which period it arises? Hair is often shed in the winter season. Because our hair will be very dry in the winters. So we can notice spit ends and hair shedding. The big problem in our hair is nothing but dandruff. This is due to poor hygiene and lack of blood circulation in the scalp. Use a fine-tooth comb to comb your hairs, it helps to wet your all hair strands with oil.

When we were kids, we had so many nits in our heads. Our grandmother used to pick the nits. From this what happens you know it gives good massage to every part of the head. If you oil your hair and comb your hair like this your hair will get good moisturizer and massage too. So you do not need to go to any beauty parlour. Let’s see Best Hair Loss Treatment For Female Home Remedy.

Home Remedies To Stop Hair Fall And Regrow Hair:

1. Hibiscus:

Control Hair Loss With Best Natural Home Remedies

In case you are suffering from so much dandruff then use curd and hibiscus. Grind hibiscus flower, here you can take any colour hibiscus flower. I always prefer the red hibiscus flowers. Grind it and mix it with cur, make a fine paste and apply. This natural paste helps to get rid of dandruff problems. You will be surprised with the first application of hibiscus and curd paste because its result will be amazing. 

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2. Durva:

Control Hair Loss With Best Natural Home Remedies

Another useful tip for hair loss is a bottle guard and durva (doob grass). You might hear about this durva grass. We use it in poojas, especially for the god Ganesha. You may be wondering. Isn’t it. This grass is not only for worship, it has a medicinal property. So we use durva in many home remedies. Yes take a cup of chopped bottle guard and a handful of durva and grind it to make a fine paste. Apply this durva paste all over your hair.

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Egg mask to prevent hair loss

3. Egg Mask:

If you are a reader of my blog you will know that the egg smells so bad as I said. But if we want to stop hair fall and hair loss, we should do this. The egg has the required nutrition for our hair. Hence once in 15 days, I use this mask. Don’t you know how to do this egg mask? It’s ok what you have to do is, first take one bowl and break one egg. Add some little olive oil to it. Mix well or you can grind it in the mixer. Then you will get a fine paste. You have to apply this on your hair and scalp too. Wash off after 30 minutes with a mild shampoo, here you must use shampoo to get rid of the bad smell of the egg. 

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coconut milk bright cures

4. Coconut Milk:

Milk is not limited to cooking, but we can use it in skincare and haircare. It also provides good moisture to our hair. Instead of using chemical moisturizers, you could use coconut milk on your hair. I guarantee you that it doesn’t harm your hair. Our elders used to do the same in our house. So I could guarantee you coconut milk. You might know how to make coconut milk at home. But in brief, I will say now grate coconut and add coconut water to grind. You can use normal water, but I prefer coconut water as it contains good nutrients so. Grind and filter it (make it thick). You can apply this milk to your scalp and hair, but you can add other ingredients too. Meanwhile grinding you can add fenugreek seeds or powder and a few curry leaves.

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beetroot bright cures

5. Beetroot:

My mom always use to say that eat beetroot every day. So I started to add beetroot to my daily salad. Eating beetroot helps us to get a lot of health and hair benefits as it contains potassium, fiber, folate (vitamin B9), iron, manganese, and vitamins.  It gives a dark bargandi colour to our hair and even cleans our scalp. Hence I always use this beetroot along with mehndi for natural hair dye. It adds extra color to your mehndi color. 

aloevera for thick hair bright cures

6. Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is my favorite natural ingredient in my hair regime as I said in my last post. It is one of the wonderful gifts of nature to our beautiful hair. This little sour fruit is effective to prevent hair loss and boost hair growth. Do you know why I love this plant so much? Because it treats any itchy scalp and nourishes hair wonderfully. It repairs damaged hair in 1 or 2 applications itself. I remove aloe vera pulp and grind and apply it to my hair properly. 

amla for hair bright cures

7. Amla:

I often use gooseberry in cooking as well as in hair care. Its chutney, and pulao recipe will be very tasty. In every hair care medicine or oil or shampoo, amla is the prime ingredient. You can prepare amla juice by adding buttermilk and a little salt, which will be very tasty. It also helps to Prevent  Premature Greying Hair. My mom prepares hair dye from dried amlas. It gives an original black colour to grey or white hairs. 


The Hair loss problem is a bigger issue for us but anyhow we can prevent this problem through the help of some Natural Home RemediesI hope this content is useful for you people. Please share your feedback about hair care and how you reduced your hair loss problem? What Natural Remedy did you try? I will be very happy if I get answers from your side.






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