Beginner Easy Flower Nail Art | Simple Nail Ideas

Beginner Easy Flower Nail Art

Are you looking for beginner easy flower nail art? Then check out this post for cute nail art designs for every nail length. Don’t worry about your nail length because whatever your nail length, you can make different gorgeous designs. Because I have short nails, but still make a variety of designs on my nails. Sometimes I browse Pinterest and Instagram for trendy nail arts. 

Tell me who doesn’t like nail art? Everyone in the world loves this art. Strictly speaking from children to the elderly, everyone loves it. Isn’t it? I have dozens of nail polishes in my makeup room. Whenever I go out I mean to a tour, a family outing I wish to buy these nail polishes to beautify my small nails.

All my friends would scoff at my nail. Because they are very small know so. At that time I felt very bad then started painting my nails. Whatever the case, my nails began to look beautiful afterward. But now they all keep their mouths shut. They don’t talk about my nails now.  I am happy now because of this nail art.

I just used my small creativity on it. Perfectly it came out. If you feel bored then you could start these nail arts. Just give it a try what’s wrong with it. You can make these arts for your events, festivals, etc. If you are a college girl or office-going lady then also all styles are suitable for everyone and for every occasion.

There are so many kinds of nail art are there, but you can prepare your own.  I love to draw some floral designs because it recalls me about the spring season so I use them. two-toned nail colours are trendy now. They are very easy and pretty too. What you have to do is just give 2 shades of colour to your nail.

For my nails French Manicure design is suitable. It’s too easy to draw as only 2 shades are enough for this. You can use glitters too. Marble effect nail art is a superb one but I can’t put it myself I need some other help. For this, some practice is required. This is best for college girls. Rainbow shades are best for long nails. Even I like it but it doesn’t suit me. Many kids like this style because it is very colourful, as you know about rainbow colours.

The next trendy one is leopard designs. In fact, it looks gorgeous. If you want to look like a leading lady then you have to use this style on your nails.  

Simple Nail Ideas:

1. Floral Nail Art Design

floral nails floral nailart floral nail art

2. Two-tone Nail Art Designs

two tone nail art design

3. French Manicure Nail Art Design

frenchmanicure nail art french manicure nail

4. Marble Effect Nail Art Design

marble nail art design

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5. Sunset Effect Nail Art Design

sunset effect nail art

Adding some fire colour to your nails with a sunset effect in yellow, red, orange gives an excellent look to your nail. It will be very attractive hence you can become the center of attraction.

6. Polka Dots Nail Art Design

polka dot nail polka dot nail art polka dots nail art design

Polka dots designs are very easy to do, even kids can draw this design. These dots are very famous either in clothes, shoes or nails. These types of nail designs are perfect for every event or party. 

7. Cherry Nail Art Design

cherry nail art design cherry nail art cherry nails

Cherry nail art is perfect for summer outfits, they look very cute for every type of nail. Young girls can really show off these cherry nails and look fashionable. Many girls are crazy about this design as it looks very attractive.

8. Bridal Nail Art Design

bridal nail art design

bridal nail art

Bridal Nail Art Designs will increase your bridal charm. Designer nails help glamorize your outfit and personality. there are a variety of options to enhance this design like beads, stones, or glitter anything you can choose from and look marvelous.

9. Leopard Print Nail Art Design

leopard nail

10. Splatter Nail Art Design

splatter nails

11. Rainbow Nail Art Design

rainbow nail art





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