Automata theory

Automata theory

Automata theory is the branch of computer science that deals with the self-making languages and follows the predetermined sequence of operations. Something that performs its work without any external extraction is known as Automation. Automation is used to make languages. Automation is used as a base for compiler construction. The study of automation is known as the Automata theory.

Machine Language:

Machine languages are used for making communication between machines and humans. There are different types of machine languages and codes are used for making the interaction between them. Some of them are assembly language, binary code, ASCII code, etc.

Difference between Electric and Electronic Device:

A device in which we manually control the flow of electricity with the flow of electrons is known as an Electronic device.

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A device in which we cannot manually control the flow of electricity is known as an electric device.

Electronic Device Electric Device
1: Electronic devices contain ICs, transistors, capacitors, and registers in it.

1: Electric device contains wiring among them.

2: Electronic devices works between 2-24 voltages.

2: Electric device works between 120-240 voltages.

3: Electronic devices works on fixed voltages. 3: Voltages in the electric devices varies timely.
4: Computer is known as one of the electronic devices. 4: Washing machine is known as one of the electric devices.
5: Electronic device works with Direct Current. 5: Electric device works with Alternative Current.



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