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30 Days Diet Plan For Weight Loss | Indian Diet Plan

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Today I am sharing 30 days diet plan for weight loss in my blog.  If you want to lose weight then you suppose to not skip any meal, breakfast, or dinner. Definitely not to do so. Because that is a big mistake you are doing for your weight loss. Skipping meals can worsen our health. From this, you may get gastric problems or any other problems. We have to eat from time to time but need to reduce the quantity. But listen here don’t skip any meals or breakfast. I will tell you what you have to follow. 

30 Days Diet Plan For Weight Loss | Indian Diet Plan

30 days diet plan for weight loss

Friends when you wake up in the early morning you have to drink 1 glass of warm water with lemon. Vitamin C is abundant in lemon. It gives you a good glow to your skin. When we lose weight there are many chances to lose glow also. Hence this lemon water adds glow to your skin.

Once you drink water next you have to do some exercise. If you want to lose weight exercise is important along with the diet. We need to burn obesity and strengthen our bones. At least 30 minutes you have to work out.

After exercise, we need to have an energy drink. For the purpose of weight loss, we eat less, so energy is essentially required for us. You can have an energy drink like palak juice, cucumber juice, vegetable or fruit juice are good for health.


You have to finish your breakfast before 9 am. For breakfast, you can have idli, dosa, or any other healthy items. What I do is I use cereals of 1 cup and add any fruits like banana, strawberry, etc. You can add nuts to it and add low-fat milk into the bowl. I mix them well and eat my healthy breakfast.

Then at 11 o’clock try to eat anyone fruit.


You have to finish your lunch before 1.30 pm. Sometimes what happens you know in our busy schedule we skip our lunch or we eat late like 3 o’clock, 4 o’clock. But we should not eat like this.

For lunch have 1 bowl of brown rice with a cup of green vegetables like broccoli, peas, beans, palak, etc. Cucumber is also good for our health, it’s rich in fiber. Or else you can have 2 chapati, 1 cup of daal, 1 cup curd, and 1 cup of salad. If you are meat lover then have boiled egg white.

30 days diet plan for weight loss

Evening Snacks:

At 5 pm you can have some milk tea or green tea with 2 digestive biscuits, or nuts or fruits. Don’t eat any fried items like chips, bonda, pakoda, etc. If you eat those items you will get obese.

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Dinner also you have to do properly. You have to finish your dinner before 8 pm. It’s best if we finish the meal 2 hours before bedtime. We should not sleep immediately after dinner. If we sleep immediately after a meal, the food does not dissolve. Hence it leads to obesity.

You can have a cup of brown rice for dinner. But it’s better to avoid. What I have is 1 chapati, and any curry like fish, chicken or veg whatever you like. One important thing you must keep in mind is you need to have 1 cup of salad. Don’t miss this salad for your dinner. Use raw vegetables like carrots, beetroot, etc, and fruits like berries, avocado, banana, etc. Don’t eat deep-fried items like chicken fry, fish fry all, but you can have its curry.

I have mentioned the full one-day chart here. I have given you many options for breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, and dinner. What you have to do is daily choose any one item and have it. The next day you can change the meal plan with different recipes. But don’t change the timings and procedure and even quantity in your diet plan.

Continue this for 1 month with my 30 days diet plan for weight loss. This chart is the best Indian Diet Plan for weight loss. If you follow this diet plan properly then there is no doubt to get the best results soon.

Hope you have enjoyed my diet chart. I will be back with an interesting topic for you. See you soon.






NCERT-NOTES Class 6 to 12.

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